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    Jan 28, 2017

    13 Memories Everyone Who Made Mix CDs In The Early '00s Will Have

    Please finish downloading by the time I wake up.

    1. Setting up your LimeWire with a queue of songs before going to bed and praying that they’d all be downloaded by the time you woke up:

    2. Finding a user who had the ONE song you wanted on LimeWire and getting super pissed when they logged off while you were in the middle of downloading it:

    3. Having to use your detective skills in order to be able to spot a fake MP3 song from the real ones:

    4. Burning a mix CD for every occasion and ~emotion~:

    5. Re-entering all the song and artist information from that freshly burned CD so that it would show up on your Media Player:

    6. Constantly reorganizing your CD wallet so that your favorite new mixes were always in the front:


    7. Going all out and printing out labels to stick onto your mix CDs — which also caused you to run out of printer ink QUICKLY:

    8. Burning backup CDs of all your MP3s because your computer was either running out of memory or because it was on the verge of crashing — thanks to all the viruses you downloaded along with your music:

    9. Going to the record store and listening to new releases on the kiosks, making mental notes of the songs you liked so you could download them from LimeWire later:

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    10. Buying a stack of blank CDs only to find out that they don't work on your computer:

    11. Borrowing a friend's CD to burn a copy of it, even though you had the entire album on MP3:

    12. Successfully burning a CD only to discover that it didn't play anywhere except for your computer:

    13. And finally, when your mix CD was just on the verge of being finished and you got the dreaded "error message."

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