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    These "Golden Girls" Action Figures Are The Greatest Thing Ever

    A cheesecake accessory set and Blanche's lanai play set not included.

    I think we can all agree that even over 30 years after its debut, The Golden Girls still remains one of the funniest, sharpest, and greatest TV shows ever created.


    That is just a FACT, really.

    And in celebration of our favorite four ladies, Funko has created the one Golden Girls product we never knew we needed so badly...




    And of course the response to the figures has been overwhelmingly positive. Mark Robben, director of marketing at Funko, spoke with ABC News about the figures saying, "The response to our Golden Girls products has been wild. We almost weren't prepared for the excitement. We created these as a passion project initially, and were blown away when it started trending on social media."

    But sadly, there is ONE major catch though, this action figure four-pack is a NY Comic-Con exclusive, which runs from Oct. 6 to 9.


    And it's limited to one per customer.

    All I can say is put on your favorite nightgown, grab a slice of cheesecake, and pray that Funko considers putting these out by Christmas.

    NBC / Via

    'Cause everyone will want these friends under their tree.

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