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Tessa Thompson Revealed That She Has Never Had A Hamburger In Her Life At Last Night’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party, And I Was Truly, Truly, Truly Shocked By That

I would have been less shocked if she said she was actually from Asgard.

As you already know, Vanity Fair hosted its annual Oscar party last night.

A person dressed in a gown poses for photographers on the Vanity Fair after party red carpet

The event, which was held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, is the hottest post-Oscars party in town and is attended by practically every A-list celeb.

Florence Pugh hugs Michelle Yeoh as she holds up her Oscar

And among the A-list celebs attending last night was Tessa Thompson.

Tessa is wearing a strapless column suit dress with a cutout under the bust. The bust is made to look like two flowers

While walking the party's red carpet, Tessa stopped to talk to Vanity Fair's Amelia Dimoldenberg, where she revealed something that really blew my mind: She's never eaten a hamburger in her life!!!

Now, for a little context as to why she would even talk about burgers on a red carpet, the party last night was catered by the iconic California hamburger chain, In-N-Out. Which, honestly, God bless the genius who came up with that catering idea.

Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan biting into burgers

Now back to Tessa. While talking to Vanity Fair, she stated she was not in line for a burger and that, in fact, she had never even had one in her life. She also, in a follow-up question, said that she isn't a vegetarian — so technically, there was nothing restricting her from ever having one.

Needless to say, that left the reporter baffled.

Amelia said, "Sorry, how is that possible in this world?"

Like really, really baffled. But honestly, if I had Tessa tell me that to my face, I'd probably make the same face.

Tessa then jokingly replied that it was the only extraordinary thing about herself that she could still claim.

But Tessa wasn't done yet with the shocking gastronomical revelations. She also told Amelia that she had just eaten her first egg recently...

...And that she didn't really like it.

Which, by the look on her face, you know she thought they were GARBAGE and wanted to say so.

Now, before you start thinking Tessa is a very picky eater, she did say she actually eats lots of things and that she is fond of potatoes (so we'll count that as a win for Team French Fries).

In case you were wondering if she tried her first burger last night...well, I did some digging through Getty to see if she did.

Tessa sitting next to two people who are happily munching on their burgers while she smiles

And based on what I could find, it looks like she didn't. 🙃