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What Toy Did You Never Get As A Kid And Still Regret No Getting?

Two decades later and you're STILL upset your parents didn't buy you that Gameboy Color.

Everyone had a favorite toy or two growing up that, any time you think about it, brings back warm fuzzy feelings of your childhood.

But, lets be real, there was probably a toy or two (or 30) that you desperately begged your parents for but NEVER got...

...and you probably wonder to this day just how much awesomer your whole childhood (or life) would have been if you had just gotten it.

Disney Pixar

Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night and think about how much you still want a Furby and HOW it was so unfair that you never got it?

Or maybe you scroll eBay semi-regularly (aka every day) looking for that ONE American Girl doll you really, really wanted?

So we want to know, what's that one toy you ALWAYS wanted as a kid, but didn't get?! And also, did you ever think about or buy it as an adult?!

Disney Pixar

Let us know in the dropbox below and your submission could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!