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What's The Popular TV Show That You Think Is Awful?

This is a safe space to be honest about your takes.

We all have TV shows that we absolutely love and can watch over and over.

And sometimes, those TV shows we love to watch are also considered absolute classic TV or some of the best TV shows ever made!

But then there are the times when everyone universally loves a TV show, but when you watch it, you're just left saying, "I don't understand the hype...that show isn't that great!"

So I am wondering: What popular and beloved TV show do you think is just okay (or not good) and are confused as to why people rave about it so much?

Perhaps you think Mad Men is boring and don't get why people wouldn't shut up about it.

Maybe you found Will too much of an annoying character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and it prevented you from getting into the series.

Perhaps you think Fleabag was more cringe than anything else.

Or maybe you just think Friends is the most over-hyped show ever and think that it was probably just fine at the time, but not worth any of the praise it still gets today.

Tell us what universally beloved TV show you do not get the hype about and why you feel that way! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.