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27 Struggles That Were All Too Real To '90s Kids

It really was a hard knock life.

1. Whenever you miscalculated your ratio of graham cracker to frosting when eating Dunkaroos, and were left with too many graham crackers and no frosting.

2. Having this disaster happen when trying to put your straw into your Capri Sun.

3. When you went to the barber to get a ~cool~ middle-part cut and instead walked out with a bowl cut.

4. Watching your Tamagotchi die before your eyes because the buttons were stuck.

5. Being the only kid in class who had a cassette Walkman player instead of a CD one.

6. When you finally got your CD Walkman and realized it didn't fit in any of your pockets.

7. The sad moment when you realized that your badass Lion King spoon stopped changing colors.

8. Having to open about 200 folders just to get to the games on Windows 95.

9. The frustration of realizing that the last person who rented the video you just got from Blockbuster did not rewind it.

10. Having your fingers almost fall off because of the weight strain these flimsy McDonald's Halloween pail handles put on them:

11. Running out of AOL minutes 'cause you didn't have an extra free trial CD.

12. The agony of burning your mouth on a Pizza Bagel or Pizza Pocket 'cause you couldn't wait a minute to let it cool off.

13. Having your parents refuse to buy you a CD because of this label:

14. Whenever you were super excited to listen to your new CD and tried to get it out of its cellophane wrap without the help of a pair of scissors or anything to cut it open.

15. Whenever you sat in your inflatable chair on a slightly warm day and got stuck from all the sweat.

16. Being woken up in the middle of the night when your Furby started talking.

17. Whenever this happened — and sometimes for NO reason:

18. When the VCR would destroy your favorite VHS tape.

19. Having exactly eight seconds of play time before your Nintendo game went all pixelated and crashed — EVEN THOUGH YOU BLEW IN IT FIRST.

20. Accidentally pulling your home phone off the table when you answered it because the receiver cord was tangled.

21. When you programmed your VCR to record your favorite TV show, only to come back to a recording that looked like this:

22. Whenever you accidentally ran a light-colored marker over a freshly markered dark color.

23. When the sharp corner of your slap bracelet would poke and scratch you 'cause the fabric had ripped.

24. Playing Skip-It without long socks or pants and having it destroy your ankle.

25. When, no matter how careful you were, the tag on your Beanie Baby bent.

26. Whenever this happened:

27. And finally, whenever you went to the park on a hot day and received third-degree burns as you went down the metal slide — not to mention temporary blindness from the reflection.

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