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    A YouTuber Reimagined "Stranger Things" Into An '80s Sitcom

    It's less It and more Perfect Strangers.

    By now we're all aware that Stranger Things is the perfect mix of '80s nostalgia and storytelling.


    Mostly because of its draws heavy inspiration from early ‘80s Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

    But, YouTuber Tim Bennett saw the show a bit differently, and actually reimagined the series as a quirky '80s sitcom.

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    Like any classic sitcom from that decade, it comes with ~fun~ font for the title... doing something cute during the credits...

    ...and a catchy theme song. In this case the song "Strange Things" by Randy Newman.

    Richard E. Aaron / Redferns

    FTR, "Strange Things" was actually written by Newman for Toy Story.

    The one thing that would have made this perfect? A title card for Barb as the nerdy BFF!!!


    Like WTF? How can you leave out Barb?!

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