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    21 Common Sounds People Grew Up Hearing All The Time, But No Longer Do Today

    You'll 100% be hearing these in your head as you read along.

    If you're over a certain age, then you probably have a distinct memory of what it sounded like to blow into one of your Nintendo cartridges — and while it was something you heard regularly, it's also a sound you probably haven't heard in 30-plus years.

    Well, recently, Reddit user u/Ms_Mosa was curious about just that when they asked: "What's a sound you heard when you were young that you no longer hear?"

    An older iPod

    Of course, thousands of people chimed in to recall all the sounds they heard growing up that all but have disappeared today. Here are some of the best and most top-voted comments:

    1. "The white noise sound of the TV when a channel had no reception."

    2. "The absolute obliteration coming from THX intro."

    THX logo

    3. "Camera flash charging sound."

    Someone taking a photo

    4. "Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog."

    UBU Productions

    5. "Weird waterbed sounds..."

    6. "The telephone ringing with an actual metal bell, not a recorded sound played through a speaker."

    A rotary telephone

    7. "The 'ka-chunk' of credit card imprint machines."

    A credit card machine

    8. "In elementary school, we'd watch movies on projectors with film reels. So...the sounds of a film projector and also the white screens they'd pull down."

    Two young men using a film projector

    9. "Dot matrix printer printing."

    An old printer

    10. "Dial-up connection."

    11. "The instant message sound on AIM."

    AOL Instant Messenger

    12. "VHS tapes rewinding in the VCR."

    Someone putting a VHS cassette into a VCR

    13. "The invalid phone number tone."

    14. "Random pay phones ringing when you walked by."

    Ben Affleck on a payphone

    15. "The actual coins coming out of the slot machines."

    Someone using a slot machine

    16. "A manual typewriter being typed on."

    17. "The sound of a packed arcade and, in particular, pinball machines. Now, I'm middle-aged, and I'm seriously eyeing a used pinball machine for my office."

    Pinball machines

    18. "The Game Boy sound."

    Nintendo Game Boy

    19. "You’ve got mail!"

    20. "The iPhone 'slide to unlock' sound."

    An older iPhone

    21. And lastly: "Waking up in the middle of the night to: 'ALL MY FRIENDS KNOW THE LOW-RIDER.'"

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.