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People Are Sharing The Small Upgrades They Did That Made A Huge Difference In Their Houses, And It Might Inspire You To Do The Same

From getting separate bed blankets for couples to using smart plugs to set up Christmas lights, it's the little things that truly make a big difference.

You don't always have to do a full gut renovation to vastly improve your home — no matter what HGTV tells us. As we all know, little things like painting or swapping out hardware can go a long way in turning our homes into our DREAM homes.

A couple looking at plans for a renovation

And recently, Reddit user u/Super_dupa2 was interested in just that when they asked, "What small upgrade made a huge difference at your house?"

A person painting a wall with paint in the shape of an upside-down heart

Thousands of people commented with the little upgrades they've made in their homes. Below are the top, best, most often repeated comments — and who knows, they might be ones you'll end up making in your house:

1. "A better shower. If you can't redo the whole bathroom, just replace the head. This also works if you rent — just keep the old one in a box so you can bring the nice one to your next house."

Different-size showerheads

2. "Methodically buying phone chargers with long-enough cables to not have to ever move one again."

A coiled 15-foot iPhone/iPad charger

3. "My wife and I got separate blankets. No more fighting about who takes the covers while we’re sleeping. Highly recommend — 10/10!"

A couple snuggling in bed

4. "Soft-close cabinets and toilet seats."

A hand touching a cabinet

5. "Blackout curtains for sleeping. Such a game changer."

Closed blackout curtains at a window

6. "Smart outlets for Christmas lights, both inside and outside. I have them scheduled to turn on at sunset and turn off at midnight."

A smart plug

7. "I replaced dated lighting fixtures. Now the fixtures are properly grounded, the interior looks more updated, and there is more/better light."

A large light fixture above a dining table

8. "Installing a gooseneck kitchen faucet."

A woman at a gooseneck faucet

9. "A curved shower curtain rod. You get so much more arm space."

Illustration of a curved shower rod

10. "Spending a day mounting my artwork. It felt so much more like my home after that."

A man hanging up artwork

11. "I had a window above the stairs that the neighbors could see through, so I went on Amazon and spent 40 bucks on some plastic window film that makes it look like stained glass. It turned out AMAZING and lasted forever."

Illustration of window with "stained glass"

12. "Mine are mostly kitchen based because I cook dinner pretty much every night. Having a couple of those magnetic wall-mounted knife holders frees so much room on my countertops. A wall-mounted spice rack with glass jars keeps my spices where I can see them and monitor levels. Much easier to access than storing them in a cabinet or in the pantry."

A set of knives mounted on tile

13. "I put smart bulbs in my bedroom so that I can dim and turn the lights off using my phone or with voice commands through my Nest Mini. Eventually I’ll replace all the bulbs in my house with them and use my old iPad as a hub to control the lights in the whole house."

A person using their phone to control lights

14. "We replaced our shallow double kitchen sink with a single industrial sink. So much easier for filling pots and doing dishes."

A kitchen sink and rack

15. "A Roomba. Living in a house with many small siblings, you have no idea how much time a Roomba saved."

A Roomba on a wood floor below a lit Christmas tree

16. "A proper mesh Wi-Fi network. It used to be so annoying to lose the signal in some parts of the house."

A wireless router

17. "Those little battery-powered lights that light up only when someone passes by."

Battery-powered mounted sensor lights

18. "Bought an espresso machine 'cause I was tired of how expensive buying coffee every day got. Life changer if you’re into coffee."

A person using an espresso machine

19. And lastly: "A Tushy bidet."

Close-up of a Tushy bidet knob

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.