Shawn Mendes Was Asked About His Calvin Klein Ads And He Gave A Pretty Earnest Response

    FTR: Nothing came between Shawn and his Calvins!

    So as you probably fully remember — and possibly are still recovering from — everyone's favorite Canadian, Shawn Mendes, recently became one of the faces (bulges) of Calvin Klein's underwear campaign.

    And, of course, at the time the photos dropped, the internet lost its GD mind...

    Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein ads

    ...which was a fact that was not lost on Shawn:

    Well, Shawn recently did an interview with the UK's Guardian newspaper where he talked about a range of things, including his "break the internet" moment.

    When asked about why he did the campaign, Shawn gave an earnest response, saying:

    ...[the campaign was] a goal of mine at the top of 2018. As much as it’s a stepping stone for me to play a stadium, it’s a huge moment for me to step in front of a camera and take my shirt off. I don’t see one being less meaningful than the other.

    He also told the reporter (who asked) that he did NOT stuff his package for the shoot!!!

    Although the interview did reveal one BIG other thing, when asked if he was wearing Calvin's during the interview, he responded with:

    Not right now...I should be.

    So there you go: Shawn Mendes, a man who felt empowered to model in his undies, doesn't need to stuff, and is also not a one-brand-of-underwear type of dude.