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    Sarah Michelle Gellar Was Once Banned From McDonald's

    The lesson is don't ever mess with Ronald McDonald.

    In 1981, long before Sarah was kicking vampire ass, she starred in Burger King's first television advertising campaign.

    In the commercials she (adorably) calls out McDonald’s for having small hamburgers.

    The commercials were the first ads to ever call out a competitor by name. McDonald’s was not pleased and sued Burger King -- they also named Sarah as part of the lawsuit.

    Burger King eventually settled out of court.

    But unfortunately for Sarah, she was no longer allowed to eat at the Golden Arches. In 2004 she told the Sunday Express, “McDonald’s is where all your friends have their birthday parties, so I missed out on a lot of apple pie.”

    Sarah's Burger King commercial:

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    Sarah along with Lea Thompson and Elisabeth Shue in a Christmas themed commercial:

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