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    Ryan Gosling Gave A Ken-Worthy Interview With GQ Where He Talked About His Top 10 Ken-Sentials

    A reminder that Ken is just an accessory to Barbie.

    Hey, Barbies!!! As you probably already know, it's officially Barbie movie release week.

    Now, I think we can all agree that something this movie did right is give us one of the best film press tours ever. I mean, Margot Robbie alone would have made it a memorable press tour with all the iconic Barbie and Barbiecore looks she has worn.

    And while the entire cast has been amazing on this promo tour, I think we can all also agree that Ryan Gosling has been very low-key slaying it and very much making it clear that he was perfectly cast as Ken.

    Recently, Ryan sat down with GQ as part of their 10 Essentials YouTube series and gave an interview that just... well, oozed Kenergy.

    One of Ryan's Ken-Sentials included a bandana, which he said preferably should have a lightning print on it and also that it's important that people see you putting it on.

    Two pairs of sunglasses, one that Barbie would wear in case she wanted to and one reflective pair so she could look at herself. The sunglasses are also to hide your sadness, so you don't risk "bumming Barbie out."

    And the Ken fanny pack, so you can carry Barbie's essentials inside of it.

    If you're Ken-curious about this whole interview, you can check it out below:

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