Remember When Gwen Stefani Hung Out With Shalom Harlow On MTV’s "House Of Style"?

In 1996, the self-proclaimed “loser from Anaheim” gave everyone a behind-the-scenes look at her iconic ska style.

1. Things started off with Gwen (looking cute in her trademark cutoff wife beater) and Shalom hitting the gym.

2. And somehow after a grueling workout she still managed to look AMAZING.

3. Then it was off to the Roseland Ballroom — where No Doubt was headlining.

4. Backstage Shalom lived out the ultimate fantasy — playing dress up in Gwen’s clothes!

5. Gwen even showed off some of her cute Disney inspired stage outfits.

6. And also her messy side — admitting this what her room looks like.

7. Unfortunately, all the fun ended when it was time for Gwen’s soundcheck.

8. But before she left, Shalom got a chance to meet the rest of the band…

9. …and a totally once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, hanging out on stage with Gwen!

10. Gwen Stefani and Shalom Harlow on House Of Style:

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