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50 Photos That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "Oh Wow, That Was The Best Time Of My Life"


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1. The neighbor/teacher/life coach you wanted in your life:

ABC/ Disney

2. Discovery Zone aka the best place to have a birthday party:

Michael L. Abramson / Getty Images

3. The ultimate accessory for your Nintendo 64:

4. The store you always ran to first at the mall:

5. Gourmet meals:

augustv123 /

6. The smartest cartoon series of the '90s:

Warner Bros. Television

7. The reason you wanted to go to Orlando:


8. Dusty pull-down maps:


9. The greatest sports movie ever:

20th Century Fox

10. And the second greatest sports movie ever made:

Warner Bros.

11. The soundtrack that EVERYONE owned:

Disney/ Movie Soundtrack List /

12. The CD that delivered all the hits...from 1990-91:

ClassicCommercials4U /

13. The most eeky and confusing thing to play with:

14. This weird ponytail contraption:

15. The jingle you remembered more than the candy:

16. Sitting on cheeseburgers while you ate McNuggets (or maybe cheeseburgers):

17. Disney VHS tapes in clam shell cases:

18. Orange Nickelodeon tapes:

19. The ultimate movie tie-in product:


20. The ultimate movie fast food tie-in toys:

21. A wooden host that was meant to be wooden:


22. A whole world in your pocket:

23. The toy that gave your parents a headache:

24. The ~Fruit~ that came in string form:

Courtesy of General Mills

25. The ~Fruit~ that came in froze juice form:


26. The mirror that transported you to an enchanted world:

27. The toy that smelled so weirdly intoxicating:

28. The original way to watch viral videos:


29. Literary classics:

30. The best snack you could ask for:


31. The teacher who put her students in some really questionable situations:


32. This creepy thing — whose gibberish would wake you up at 3:30 a.m.:

Getty Images

33. ~Designer~ bedding:

34. The books that had National Geographic shook:


35. The ultimate alarm clock:

36. These, that made learning so FUN:


37. The best science teacher ever:


38. A food you were meant to play with:

39. Vanilla ice cream that also came with a hint of wood flavor:


Brenda Chase / Getty Images

41. These markers that were used primarily to make homemade ~tattoos~:

42. The shampoo that burned the fuck out of your eyes:

43. True squad goals:


44. The most fucking annoying and creepy commerical ever:

45. The most hypnotizing screensaver ever:

46. The bare ankle destroyer:


47. The football that you secretly played with in the house:

48. Dusty gum:

49. The Disney character that always managed to get you out of your seat and dancing:


50. And finally, the night sky (that fell on your head while you slept):

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