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    35 Photos That'll Leave Millennials Feeling Good And Reminiscing About Their Childhoods

    Back when getting a birthday invite to Discovery Zone felt like winning the lottery.

    1. This classic that you could read over and over:

    The book cover for "The Rainbow Fish" featuring a blue fish.
    NordSüd Verlag

    2. These mics that made you feel like a rock star and annoyed the heck out of your parents:

    Three plastic echo mics.

    3. The Fisher-Price kitchen play set that made you feel like a chef:

    A Fisher-Price play cooking set featuring the box, a apron, a play stove top, and play cooking utensils and pots.

    4. The Magic Eye book series that got you frustrated AF when you couldn't see the hidden images:

    The book cover for the "Magic Eye" book.

    5. Movie tie-in backpacks...

    6. ...cups...

    A set of four "Batman Forever" glasses from McDonald's.

    7. ...and sheets, which were the first ~designer~ things you ever wanted:

    8. Discovery Zone, the best place you could celebrate a birthday at:


    9. The Fisher-Price Cassette Player that was your original karaoke machine:

    Fisher-Price tape player that comes in red and white and with a red and blue microphone.

    10. Disney Adventures Magazine (which you'd usually get as a treat if you accompanied your parents to the supermarket):

    A collection of eight Disney Adventures magazines.

    11. The best way to learn math in elementary school, which also doubled sort of as Lego:

    A photo of blue Base Ten Blocks.

    12. The best snack you could have after school:

    Kraft Heinz

    13. The Pizza Hut commercials with Pizza Head that both made you hungry and feel sorry for a slice of pizza:

    14. And the Burger King Kids Club commercials that got you pumped to eat at Burger King:

    A screenshot of the cartoon mascot for the Burger King Kids Club standing next to a kid and the logo.
    Toshi Hirosawa/

    15. Owning one of these sand-filled, glittery, rainbow lizard toys:

    A photo of a stuffed lizard made with a rainbow-colored iridescent fabric.

    16. Books with these covers that smelled like the library:

    A collection of nine different book series from the late '80s and early '90s.

    17. Tamagotchi. The first thing that you truly felt responsible for, which would also cause you so much stress:

    Close-up photo of a kid's hand holding a purple Tamagotchi.
    Charla Jones / Getty Images

    18. Zoobooks and the commercials for them that really made you want to learn all about animals:

    A screenshot of the commercial for Zoobooks.
    Tuck Watts /

    19. Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts, which were the ultimate souvenir you could get on a family vacation:

    A black Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu T-shirt.

    20. The original Tinder:

    A piece of school paper with "you like me: yes, no, maybe" written on it and surrounded by hearts.

    21. Chuck E. Cheese's tickets that you would save (in order to get a better prize) and then forget to bring with you the next time you went back:

    Six  Chuck E. Cheese's tickets from the early '90s.

    22. This restaurant, which was the coolest place you could eat at:

    A close-up of the Rainforest Cafe sign with a frog statue above it.
    Robert Alexander / Getty Images

    23. The original way to binge-watch old TV shows: Nick at Nite's Block Party Summer:

    A screenshot for a Nick at Nite Block Party Summer commercial promoting Lucy Tuesdays.

    24. The Disney Store's version of Beanie Babies (which were too cute):

    Winnie the Pooh Beanie Baby type toy wearing a Santa hat.

    25. This toy that was really a torture device for your ankles:

    A photo of a purple Skip-It toy.

    26. The GoldenEye 007 game on N64 that was so much fun but also brought out your inner competitor:


    27. And Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64, which would make your palms sweaty just thinking about it:

    A screenshot of Rainbow Road from "Mario Kart 64."

    28. This TV series, which was the best way you could learn how to paint...

    A screenshot of Bob Ross painting a tree with the caption "Now, are you ready for a big tree?" written on it.

    29. ...and this TV series, which was the best way you could learn about science:


    30. The artwork in the ~fancy~ section of the Warner Bros. Studio Store, which were "when I grow up and get money" goals:

    Pop art paintings of Sylvester and Tweety.
    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    31. These glow-in-the-dark blocks that you never saw anyone have IRL:

    A screengrab of a glow-in-the-dark block set.
    Children's Video Library/

    32. And this Rainbow Art set that — thanks to the commercials playing nonstop — you ended up begging your parents to order for you:

    A screenshot of a kid painting rainbow butterflies with Rainbow Art.
    Rainbow Art/

    33. The Disney Read-Along Book and Cassette packaging that literally required a chainsaw to open it:

    An unopened "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Disney Read-Along Book and Cassette book.

    34. The most stressful game show to have ever existed:

    A screenshot of the logo for "Legends of the Hidden Temple."

    35. And finally, these albums that played at every friend's birthday party you went to: