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35 Things That Are Totally Memory Triggers For '80s Kids

You might not have thought of these things in a very long time, but they live deep down in the recesses of your mind.

1. How Mickey and friends totally got you to "Mousercise" and get your "Splashdance" on:

You're probably shouting "Come on, everybody, let's MOUSERCISE!!!" in your head right now.

2. The excitement you felt when you saw the F.H.E. logo whenever you put a video on:

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It was most likely a Jem or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS tape.

3. The ~fancy~ feeling you got whenever you drank New York Seltzer...

It came in a glass bottle!!!

4. ...and how ~cool~ you felt whenever you drank Koala Springs cola.

5. The big whiffs of Colorforms you took whenever you played with them:

6. Pretending to enjoy the watery slush that came out of your Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, even though it was gross:

7. How this was the first vampire series you were into:

8. Suffering through having to wear an uncomfortable mask with poor visibility, and a plastic smock that didn't really let you move, just so you could dress up like your favorite character for Halloween:

You usually a ripped a tear in the costume halfway through trick-or-treating.

9. How McDonald's hamburgers used to come in Styrofoam containers:

And you were constantly reminded how bad they were for the environment.

10. Learning the alphabet with the oh-so-pretty Animalia...

11. ...about yourself and the world with Walt Disney Fun-to-Learn Library...

12. ...and how to treat others with the Care Bears books:

13. How you shouted along “I learned it from watching you!” with the kid whenever you watched this PSA:

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You never forgot it, so it was effective.

14. How Mr. Belvedere made you believe that any middle-class American family could have an English butler:

15. How instead of entertaining you, playing Pizza Party actually just made you hungry for PIZZA:

16. Thinking there were NO cooler cards than PopShots:

And buying them to play with, instead of giving them away.

17. How envious you felt of Ricky's bedroom and house on Silver Spoons:

The race car bed! The train that ran around the living room!

18. Imagining your life being like the rich kids on Beverly Hills Teens:

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"Come live your fantasy in Beverly Hills. Come on and make your dreams come true."

19. Being REALLY excited about getting one of these dancing flowers, and then being tired of playing with it after three minutes:

20. Having a love-hate relationship with Domino's very annoying Noid.

21. How you totally loved rocking your Watchimal, even though it made your wrist sweat and got dirty really quickly:

22. The struggle and annoyance you felt trying to put together the Rubik's Snake.

23. Amassing a collection of half-filled Panini sticker books:

Seriously, you could never finish one with all the repeat stickers that came in a pack.

24. How über-cool you felt using Sky Talkers to talk to your friends or sibling(s)...even if you were just 12 feet away from each other:

25. How getting your fingers pinched when opening and closing the Family Tree House was the absolute worst:

26. That creepy feeling you got when you ran your fingers over the skin of your vinyl E.T. doll:

27. Getting lost in the weird world of Sweet Pickles:

28. Actually feeling excited for Sunday nights because it meant the Disney Sunday Movie:

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Just the intro gave you goosebumps!

29. Wanting one of those giant Swatch watches to hang in your bedroom:

30. That relaxing feeling you got whenever you put a Pin Art toy on your face:

31. That bummed feeling you got whenever the Cap'n O.G. Readmore–hosted ABC Weekend Special came on, because it meant Saturday morning cartoons were over:

32. The rush of excitement you got when you saw the new issue of Muppet Magazine in the mail.

Which was once in a blue moon, since they only published like four times a year!

33. How you wanted a cool dog like Spuds MacKenzie:

34. How you thought it was easy to learn another language by watching some weird-ass cartoon:

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Sorry, but Muzzy didn't look like other '80s cartoons.

35. And finally, how Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys were the GREATEST Happy Meal toys ever created: