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    21 People Are Sharing Their "I'm Getting Old" Moment

    "Just the other week I relaxed the wrong way and f'd my back up."

    Yesterday, Reddit user Plastic_Employment_4 asked this question to redditors: "When did you know you were 'getting old'?"

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    Of course there were a ton of replies to the thread, and almost all of them were way too relatable to anyone who is even remotely ~older~. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "I sneezed a couple years ago and did my back in for a week."


    2. "I started losing interest in music on the charts and not understanding meme references."

    Meme of the woman trying to do trigonometry

    3. "Had to check the 35–44 box on a form the other day and I was like...??? That’s not me, I don’t understand. 😂"


    4. "When I started waking up before my alarm. And when sleep became more important than sex."


    5. "Just the other week I relaxed the wrong way and fucked my back up."

    Meme of Britney Spears from "One More Time" with "My Lower back is killing me" written on it
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    6. "When I started getting irritated by how fast people drive through my neighborhood."


    7. "I was in a nightclub and a very cute girl walked up to me and said, I kid you not, 'You remind me of my dad.' I replied, 'What did I do to piss you off?' We had a good laugh about it, but it shook me up a bit."


    8. "When you watch television and realize they don't make good TV shows/movies like they use to."


    9. "When I started complaining about the music kids listen to today."


    10. "When the cashier behind the register asked his colleague who and what song was on the radio. It was 'Girls' by the Beastie Boys that was playing."

    Photo of the Beastie Boys from 1987
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    11. "When I slept the wrong way and couldn’t use my leg properly for two days."


    12. "I have gotten napping injuries and when I walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night my ankles crack loud — loud enough to wake the dog. I'm 30."


    13. "When you move to the next box on forms where you have to check off your age group. Getting close to the next one now."


    14. "I stopped taking the stairs every time and started waiting for the elevator."


    15. "Going to a Pearl Jam concert and waiting in line, noticing all the guys getting a vigorous pat downs. I get to that security checkpoint and just get waved inside. FML."


    16. "I was happy that I was going to buy a new vacuum cleaner and then I realized I'm old (I'm 29)."


    17. "When I realized I’d much rather spend the evening watching TV than go out to a party scene."

    Screenshot of SpongeBob watching TV in his underwear while eating popcorn

    18. "It was when I started measuring how long it's been since I've done something in decades instead of years/months."


    19. "People started asking me if I have kids."


    20. "When I suddenly noticed people starting to turn to ME for the same advice I used to ask of older people."


    21. "When I went to the liquor store and the cashier looked at my ID for half-a-second and then handed it back to me. When I asked how they checked so quickly, they said it’s because my birth year starts with a "1". I'm still young, I was born in 1996, but man did that make me feel old."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.