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    People Are Sharing The Things That Immediately Made Them Lose Interest In Their Crush, And Truly Some Of These Are Big Turnoffs

    "Telling me I was his second choice."

    I think it's safe to say that all of us, at one point or another, have had a crush on someone that instantly went away when we found out something about them that just didn't sit right with us.

    Well recently, Reddit user 6FeetDownUnder was interested in just that when they asked this question: "What made you immediately lose interest in a crush?"

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    The thread quickly went viral with thousands of responses. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "When I realized she had to take her bestie literally everywhere. It was weird. We would hang out and she would come. We'd go on a date and she'd come. We'd go to a movie and she would either come or be texting her the entire time. Every night she would just come over and watch TV with us. It really got old."

    "We are still friends on Facebook. My old crush is married now, and I see all these pictures of her and her husband in Greece, Paris, safaris in Africa, and you guessed it, the third wheel is in all the pictures."


    2. "Saw them just throw their fast-food trash into the bushes at a park. Immediately lost interest forever."


    3. "Guy still flirted with other girls after expressing interest in me (and even let them sit on his lap). I ended it before it even really began. A year later he asked if I wanted to fool around, and I said no. About a month after that I saw he had a girlfriend when she tagged him in a Facebook post saying, 'Happy six-month anniversary.'"


    4. "Asked her on a date; she said yes. Ghosted me."


    5. "It's cliché, but it's true. She was shitty to waitstaff. Expected a hostess to pull a table out of her ass to seat us. Got very 'well fix it or I'll never come here again.' Like who the fuck are you?"


    6. "My crush was friends with these two girls who would constantly just be super annoying and rude for no reason, and one day, one of the girls who we'll call Sadie asked if they could borrow five bucks from me."

    "I said no, and then she hit me hard with her shoulder and said, 'Whatever, bitch.' I was so stunned, and I started getting kinda teary-eyed. When I went to go talk to my friend (and my crush), she asked me what was wrong and why I was crying, so I told her what happened.

    She just looked over to her friend who called me a bitch and said, 'Sadieee! You said that? *laughing and giggling* You're so funny!' Needless to say, that kinda destroyed my interest in her."


    7. "Threw a punch at my friend because I was spending too much time with him."


    8. "When she just doesn't respond to your messages. I felt unwanted, so I just stopped texting, and I never heard from her again."


    9. "She cheated on her boyfriend on an international trip. He was a cool dude; felt bad for him on that one. I haven't spoken to her in years."


    10. "I'd known her for quite a while. She seemed really nice, was quite intelligent and friendly — everyone liked her. Would sometimes be kind of flaky with some weird excuses when we were supposed to meet, whether casually or professionally, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then we had to work on a project together. It wasn't something too serious, so I told her I can do it on my own since it's not a lot of work. She insisted we we split the work, so I agreed. I did my part; she was late with hers with some strange excuses revolving around getting stuck on it and needing to spend some extra time fixing parts of it."

    "When I went over her work, I noticed she straight-up copied it all and didn't even bother changing the original author's name from the documents.

    I confronted her about it, saying that I literally suggested I do it on my own for the both of us instead of splitting the work. She denied everything, even when I mentioned it's not her name on the docs. She said she was just using some reference materials and must have accidentally copied it as is. Needless to say I refused to work with her professionally ever again. Luckily she didn't stick around for long afterward anyway.

    Brought it up shortly after with a mutual friend who straight-up laughed and said that it sounds like her alright and that she even convinces herself in her own made-up stories most of the time.

    Pretty much stopped talking to her altogether after that since I couldn't trust her not to screw us both over professionally, let alone be honest personally."


    11. "After talking for weeks, he admitted to sleeping with my younger sister. I immediately lost interest. He was confused as to why I called it off, despite me explaining why."


    12. "When he fucked my sisters. Yes, I said sisters with an 's.' He got with both of them."


    13. "Telling me I was his second choice."


    14. "He only talked about how rich he is. Disgusting."


    15. "I'm from Germany, and we have three different kinds of high school. One is preparing you for university, one is preparing you for a mix of apprenticeship and some higher education, and one is to prepare you for a manual labor apprenticeship. I went to the first one and met a girl there who seemed amazing until she made fun of people from the other two forms of high school. Arrogance is an immediate turnoff, especially if it's completely unsubstantiated."


    16. "He had horrible hygiene."


    17. "He was trying to impress me by talking about the amount of girls he had slept with. Disgusting."


    18. "When I found out that she smokes. I know that this is probably a normal thing for other people, but it's a huge red flag for me. I'm pretty sensitive to the smell, so when I smell cigarette smoke, it immediately makes me feel a little bit out of breath."


    19. "His manners were terrible."


    20. "I saw her pick her nose and eat it at a school assembly. For a 9-year-old that was just too hardcore for me."


    21. "Girl came into my work staring me down with another guy after we had just had our first date 🤣."


    22. "She believed she could transfer between dimensions and that she was apparently the queen of one. I tried their method, but it just didn't work. Her friends believed it too."


    23. "She started professing her undying love about her German ancestry, which turned into praising Hitler. That's a big nope."


    24. "When I took initiative he ignored me, so I figured, OK, he's not interested. It happens. The moment I stopped paying attention to him and taking the initiative, he came back around. Cool, I thought, maybe I was wrong. Nope. When I was responsive to it, he suddenly seemed to be uninterested again. This guy only seemed to think I was interesting if I was ignoring him, and that's just not how I like my relationships to be."


    And lastly...

    25. "I found out he had taken courses on how to be an 'alpha male.' I had never lost interest in someone so fast."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.