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    18 People Who Saw UFOs, And Can't Truly Explain What They Saw To This Day

    Cue the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries, because it seems that a lot of people all over the country have seen an unexplainable flying triangle with three lights in the sky.

    A few months ago, Reddit user u/Boring-Cauliflower asked the CreepyAskReddit community this question: "Have you ever seen a UFO/Extraterrestrial? What's your story?"

    While there weren't any stories about alien encounters, there were lots and lots of stories about seeing UFOs/UAPs. Here are some of the top-voted and best stories:

    1. "I was 12-ish (this was in the mid-'90s). I was visiting my aunt in the countryside, and I’m there just chilling in the living room with my cousins, and my father rushes in, 'Yo, there is a flying saucer in the sky!' None of us believe him, so he just grabs me and drags me outside. Out in the street, my mom, my aunt, and all the neighbors are out and pointing at the sky. There was a light, identical to a very bright star but moving ridiculous fast and doing some crazy movements and sharp turns. I watched it for a few minutes and got bored and went back inside."


    2. "When I was in a homeless shelter in Holbrook, Arizona, I saw a UFO over the I-40 highway. I was just sitting there smoking a cigarette with one of my good friends and saw a trail of sparks going across the sky. I looked a bit closer, and it was literally what you see in the books: a saucer with a cockpit on top. I wasn't the only one who saw it, too; my buddy ran inside and told the others at the shelter, and they all saw the same thing, so I knew I wasn't going crazy. It stopped over the I-40 for a minute or two and just disappeared. Holbrook is a weird a** place, and that wasn't the only weird encounter I had there either."


    3. "I was driving to Las Vegas and had given myself an extra two hours for my flight. I remember a bright light behind me and was annoyed. Next second, I know it's an hour later, and I am 30 miles in the wrong direction. I turned around and drove back, could barely keep my eyes open and barely had time to park and fly. It was so weird."


    A flying saucer

    4. "I saw several UFOs on Highway 70 when I lived southern New Mexico. We all saw them. There were 10 or 20 cars parked along the side of the highway watching; there was even a state trooper parked in front of us. It was late spring 1993, and I was with my best friend driving to see a movie; we were juniors in high school.

    "Flying around doing zig-zags. Turning at perfect 90 degree angle, then flying in formation (about six or seven bright discs), and in a blink of an eye, they scatter away in every direction.

    "I'll never forget that day."


    5. "Back in 2018, I was stargazing out in our backyard. Everything was great, and I saw a lot of stars using my telescope when out of nowhere, a red dot in the sky suddenly appeared. ... I observed it for a few seconds, and it flew away faster than any man-made aircraft. I told it to my classmates, and they made fun of me, saying that I was high."


    6. "In 2013-ish, I was on a road trip with my stepdad. He was a truck driver, and we went from Cincinnati to California, California to Florida, and Florida to Cincinnati. We were driving through New Mexico in the daytime when my stepdad tells me to look in the sky. Three orbs that looked like the floaters appear in the sky attached to a triangle. The middle part of the triangle was almost invisible, but you could see a slight outline.

    "This UFO/UAP flew over the interstate for about 30 more seconds after we noticed it and then it blinked out if existence.

    "I’m not sure if it was extraterrestrial, more likely than not it was some sort of advanced military craft. Either way, I can’t tell you exactly what I saw except that it was weird."


    7. "My son and I saw a UFO outside his bedroom window during the day for 15 minutes. It was too far away to get decent footage with the lame digital zoom on our phones (how convenient). But it stayed stationary above the clouds and then disappeared. It was a really windy day, too.

    "We never tell anyone because who's really gonna believe it? He and I talk about it often, and we always jokingly say to each other, 'Keep watching the skis...uh skies.'"


    "Keep watching the skis...uh, skies."

    8. "I was around 9 or 10, and I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. While looking out the window, I saw what looked to be a slow moving shooting star. Then, in a completely different direction, it zoomed off past the horizon. Who knows what it could have been, but my head canon is that it was a UFO. :)"


    9. "I was laying in my bed looking out the window, and I saw a light floating above a nearby city that was tucked into the mountains. It then zoomed away at a speed that is just simply impossible with human technology. It lit up the entire city and mountainside when it left. I was frozen for a minute just shocked that I had witnessed it. The speed and light were just otherworldly. No doubt in my mind what I saw."


    10. "My mom used to work opening shift at a bakery, so she would have to be there by 5 a.m. That meant she would wake us up at 4 a.m. and have us to our grandmother's by 4:30 a.m. One morning, I remember very distinctly that it was still dark out, and we were just driving on our way on a residential city street, but up in the sky close to the horizon were three lights in a triangular shape. The odd thing was they were moving all zig-zag and crazy in the sky. My mom and all of my brothers watched this happen. ... It wasn't a reflection of something else in the glass of the car.

    "This was three distinct lights in the shape of a triangle moving left, right, but also diagonally. We watched them for a few minutes, and then they just darted out of the sky. I lived in central New York at the time, and this would have been in the early '90s. So, definitely unexplained. I'm not a ghost-believer, and in general, I'm an atheistic skeptic about most things, but I cannot explain what we all saw. I should ask my older brother if he remembers this. It sounds simple but gives me goosebumps to think about because we actually saw this, and it made no logical sense."


    Three lights in the sky

    11. "About a year ago, I was walking to the store with my daughter. As I was looking around appreciating the scenery, I saw a large, car-sized bright orange orb hovering right above one of the houses in my neighborhood. I watched for a second and noticed it was slowly floating to the right. I quickly pulled out my phone to take a video. When I started the video, the light got brighter and then seemed to shrink into nothingness. It was absolutely silent.

    "I checked the video after, and there was nothing there. I think about it frequently, definitely the weirdest thing I've ever seen."


    12. "One time, I think it was 2006-ish, my dad called me to come outside. He was standing on the deck with a pair of binoculars. He pointed at something and gave me the binoculars, and I looked at what he pointed at. It’s hard to explain; it looked like a spinning gyroscope. It was a sphere with rings spinning around each other like a gyroscope. With neon orange and green colors. It was stationary in the sky, not moving. Not a chance it was a drone; I've never seen anything like it again. It was far away, easy to miss if you were not standing outside staring at the sky."


    13. "My ex and I were in the car in 2011, driving through town, and we saw three dots in the sky that were slowly rotating as it was slowly moving through the sky. Then, it just went from slowly moving to speeding away with a quick trace of light behind it, and it was gone. There's no way that any man-made craft could have went from going slow to speeding out of sight so quickly like that."


    14. "Don't know if it was a UFO, but it was something strange. My dad and I were outside on the deck simply looking at the night sky. It was a slightly starry night, but some 'stars' were flashing red-green-blue-gold colors. They also moved around a bit, but nothing we could claim as UFO. It was just weird. Then, we look at our driveway and see this blue/white light moving toward the stairs. As it moved, it would flash like a strobe light. It also moved kind of fast, but it didn't make any noise.

    "Dad and I were obviously scared AF, so we scrambled into the house and closed the door. Once the door was closed, we didn't hear or see anything else. We also didn't go back outside that night. Haven't seen it since, and I am slightly glad for that. We don't know what (if it was sentient) it wanted."


    A bright light shining down

    15. "I remember once when I was a kid (in western Pennsylvania), I saw off in the distance this strange silvery object slowly descending from the sky — it seemed to be shaped like an acorn or something — and it just kept getting lower until I couldn't see it past the trees in the distance. It didn't have any contrails, so I don't know if it was an aircraft or something. It was moving way too slow to be a falling piece of debris or meteorite, and it clearly had a metallic sheen."


    16. "Lived out in the country on a farm. Heard a strange noise one night, and all of us at home went out and saw a huge disc-like object with flashing/rotating lights over a neighboring farm. It just hovered there for, like, 2 minutes, then zoomed away super fast. My hair stood on end, and I couldn't sleep that night. I haven't actually slept well since that night. It was the most creeped out I've ever been."


    17. "In 2007, we were returning one evening from visiting my mother. We live in a very hilly, thickly forested area of Washington State. We were in our minivan with my husband driving; I was in the front passenger seat, and our 8-year-old daughter was seated behind my husband. As we crested a hill less than a mile from home, I saw a large, red blinking light just above the the treetops near our house.

    "I became angry and voiced my concern that a cell tower must have been installed. I lost sight of it as we continued down the twisting road, but kept searching for it to determine it's exact location.

    "As we came closer to our house, I spotted it out of my side window. It was not a cell tower, but was a UFO. I told my husband to stop, which he did in the lane we were in. He and my daughter could not see it from their side of the vehicle and because of heavy tree cover. I rolled down my window to be sure what I was seeing. At was a huge triangular shaped craft, very still and quiet. It was just above the treetops, maybe 300 feet or so in elevation. The bottom of it was all I could see — it was at least 60 feet in length on each equal side. The center had one large red pulsating light, each of the three corners had smaller, steady lights that changed colors.

    "I found myself totally fascinated by what I was seeing, told my husband and daughter it was a UFO, and suddenly, all of its lights went out. I thought to myself, Oh no, I can't see it now, and as if it heard my thoughts, it was suddenly washed in a soft, indirect lighting with no obvious source. I could then see the gunmetal gray color of it, and that there was a 'rib' of raised metal from each corner light to the center one. I was almost ready to get out for a better look when my husband broke the spell and asked if we should pull off the road and park to avoid a collision if a vehicle should come along. I suddenly became very fearful for the safety of our child and urged him to drive the 500 yards to our house which he did.

    "The first thing I did when when we arrived home was to check for missing time, and thank God we didn't have that problem. It all happened so fast. I was the only one in the van to see it, and although my husband believes me, I don't think he understands how large and close it was."


    And finally...

    18. "When I was 5-7 years old (can't remember how old I was), I remember seeing the Phoenix Lights and not really understanding why everyone around me was freaking out. It was just...lights? That's about as crazy as it gets for me though."


    The Phoenix Lights

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity

    Have you ever seen a weird flying object in the sky that you couldn't explain? If you have, let us know in the comments below!