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    55 Photos Of Things Millennials Haven’t Thought About Since, Like, 2006, But Will Recognize On Sight

    Sometimes, we all need to take a breather and go back in time to simpler days.

    1. These poster displays you'd find in the back of the store, and the satisfying "cluck-cluck" sound they would make whenever you'd flip to the next one:

    2. These weird squishy tubes that felt more than a bit creepy when you'd squeeze them:

    3. These colorful balls that were always painted super-bright colors and had such a weird texture to them:

    4. Fruit juice made from frozen concentrate that everyone just assumed was healthy because it was "juice":

    5. The little manuals that came with video games and that offered very little help in how to actually do well while playing the game:

    6. This exact alarm clock that everyone's parents had on their nightstand:

    7. Those Muzzy commercials that played at least a dozen times during weekday cartoons:

    8. The "lucky" rabbit's foot keychain you'd get at fairs and random souvenir shops while on vacation:

    9. The oh-so-cool-for-like-a-week 3D posters that you could hang on your bedroom wall like artwork:

    10. The Duracell PowerCheck Batteries that really tested the dexterity of your thumb and index finger:

    11. These giant projection TVs that had the most blurry AF resolution:

    12. And these tiny TVs with the built-in VCR that every kid wanted for their bedroom:

    13. The annoyance of having to adjust the tracking on your VCR:

    14. Yikes! pencils that made you feel a little cool whenever you pulled one out of your pencil box:

    15. And the Spacemaker pencil box, which would always explode open (causing your Yikes! pencils to go flying everywhere) if you accidentally dropped it:

    16. These mini-maze puzzles you'd get in every birthday party goody bag:

    17. The old-school Chuck E. Cheese coins that smelled like trash and metal:

    18. The turtle sandbox, which would turn into a cat toilet if you forgot to put the shell back on it:

    19. Pierre Escargot sitting in his bathtub and saying,"hon-hon-hon":

    20. These celestial sun holographic necklaces that def gave Y2K aesthetic:

    21. All the extra labels that came with blank VHS tapes that no one would ever use:

    22. The 75 folders you'd have to open up in Windows just so you could play Solitaire:

    23. The red stick that came with Handi-Snacks that would slice your tongue if you weren't careful while licking it:

    24. The giant stuffed animal display in the back of the Disney Store:

    25. Butterfinger BB's candy, which was the perfect Butterfinger candy:

    26. TI-108 calculators, which also required some kid to be in charge of distributing them to the class:

    27. The pink Talkgirl recorder, which I guess they made for kids who didn't want to play with the Talkboy (?):

    28. Having to set your TV to Channel 3 whenever you played video games or wanted to watch a VHS tape:

    29. The scrambled adult channels, which would sometimes come into focus for a split second and you could also definitely hear:

    30. These Welch's jelly jar glasses that every family seemed to own:

    31. And these Kellogg's "The Best To You Each Morning" cereal bowls that every family seemed to own:

    32. The wicker paper plate holders, which had an 80% chance of pricking you whenever you used one:

    33. The ball that came inside the mouse that you just knew would bounce really high and far if you threw it:

    34. LA Looks hair gel, which REALLY held your hair in place — and made a big white flakey mess if you started touching it:

    35. The fishing game that sounded like it was grinding ice whenever you played with it:

    36. The dramatic Battleship commercial:

    37. Tiger handheld games, which really made you strain your eyes anytime you played with one:

    38. The tan colored Dustbuster that had about 3 minutes of battery life:

    39. KitKats when they came wrapped in foil:

    40. Cherry Coke, when the cans came with this oh-so-early-'90s pop art-inspired design:

    41. Target cafes, when the way they were decorated was 100% inspired by Memphis Design:

    42. The Clear Eyes commercials that featured Ben Stein as the spokesperson:

    43. Mentadent toothpaste, which was the bougiest and sloppiest toothpaste you could get:

    44. These chocolates that you would sell for school fundraisers:

    45. The McDonald's Halloween buckets that actually held very little candy:

    46. Car stereos that had the removal faceplate (which everyone would usually just put under the seat):

    47. Flintstone Push Up bars, which were the best after school or after dinner desert:

    48. Viennetta ice cream cakes, which had commercials that made it seem like it was the fanciest dessert you could ever eat:

    49. The Bailey School Kids series that always had the weirdest book titles:

    50. And the Incredible Cross-Sections books that you would 90% of the time never read and just flip through the pages to look at the elaborate illustrations:

    51. These PC speakers that were surprisingly loud:

    52. The Cartoon Network commercials that featured various classic cartoon characters interacting with each other:

    53. The feel of the Blockbuster Video membership cards, which felt like a slightly thicker school ID:

    54. And Blockbuster microwave popcorn, which you and your family would always grab a pack of when renting movies:

    55. Finally, this yearly flexibility test that was part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and was truly the most painful thing ever: