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New York Magazine Published A "Nepo Baby" Cover Story, And People On Twitter Are Having A Field Day With It

"Vulture lobbing a nepo baby discourse grenade on the TL the Monday before Christmas…gorgeous work."

If there was a celeb/pop culture topic that came up a lot in 2022 it had to be nepotism babies. In fact we wrote quite a few articles about it.

But — it wasn't just talked about here at BuzzFeed — it was everywhere!

Forbes headline: The 'Nepo Baby' Debate, Explained

So it shouldn't be too surprising that New York magazine decided to call 2022 "The Year of the Nepo Baby," in a year-end cover story for it.

NY Mag cover containing faces of celebrities famous by nepotism superimposed over baby bodies

Well, needless to say, the folks on Twitter had a lot of funny takes on the story. So I decided to round up some of the funniest reactions:

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Timothée Chalamet catching Nepo Baby strays for being the NEPHEW of the director of LEPRECHAUN 2 is so unserious hsjdhsjsjsjs

Vox Media/ Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


which nepo baby did you find out about today that explains so much and why is it ben platt

Twitter: @KathleenNB


ben platt when he finds out about the new york magazine nepo baby cover

Universal Pictures/ Twitter: @jihanebousfiha_


Nate Jones writing the nepo-baby article

HBO/ Twitter: @alloveranthony


nepo babies waking up to that vulture feature

HBO/ Twitter: @tonypraysick


(youth pastor voice) you know who else was a nepo baby?

Twitter: @spunky_hunk


A little insensitive to have this nepo-baby discourse so close to the birthday of the original nepo-baby (Jesus Christ)

Twitter: @MatthewKBegbie


Pls sir, my nepo baby, she’s hungry

Warner Bros/ Twitter: @MediumSizeMeech


Vulture lobbing a nepo baby discourse grenade on the tl the Monday before Christmas…gorgeous work

Twitter: @C_GraceT


I am a nepo baby back in my hometown because I was the mechanic’s daughter . That means something over there trust me

Twitter: @ellorysmith


how I sleep at night knowing my fav is self made and isn’t a nepo baby

CBS/ Twitter: @mjspidxy


my only contribution to this nepo baby conversation is that maya hawke uses her powers for lesbianism. a noble act. therefore she should be excluded from this narrative

Twitter: @catluvr2008


an angel loses their wings every time someone says timothée chalamet is a nepo baby

Twitter: @laurieslaurence


Did you know that the Cronut is also a nepo baby? Parents are two VERY famous pastries…

Twitter: @GregMorabito


Reading NYMag's Nepo Baby Issue and finding out some interesting relations. #NepoBaby

Twitter: @ScopicEngineer


Paramount/ Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


Dan Levy’s agent rn after not getting him on that nepo-baby cover

Amazon/ Twitter: @Natural_Top


"They're calling you a nepo baby, sir."

PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images/ Twitter: @mikescollins


Gen Z after finding out someone is a Nepo baby

HBO/ Twitter: @boyapocalypse_


If I was a nepo baby, people would literally never see or hear from me. I would spend my parents money in absolute silence and peace.

Twitter: @gaoladipo


ABC/ Twitter: @itswolfgangruth


The only nepo baby we can’t criticize

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images/ Twitter: @liamgareau


when will we finally admit that carmen and juni cortez were also nepo babies

Dimension Films/ Twitter: @gabebergado


I would be so mad if they were calling me a nepo baby for connections I’d never thought to use. imagine 10 years of grinding only to find out your uncle invented gremlins

Twitter: @guymrdth


would be embarrassing to be on the nepo baby list but I think what’s more embarrassing is those of you who are nepo babies and didn’t make the cut… try harder !!

Twitter: @wallyworrld_