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22 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make You Go "Same"

The most relatable animals EVER.

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1. When you just want avoid an awkward run-in:

2. This little moment of victory:

3. Those times you're feeling anti-social AF:

4. The power of side-eye:

5. Basically everyone over the age of 25:

6. This is never NOT funny:

7. Every GD Sunday night:

8. "You need to hold the computer further back!"

9. When it's the same shit, different day:

10. When the night out gets away from you:

11. Things always look easier on YouTube and Pinterest:

12. But you'll start your diet tomorrow:

13. Of course every employee then magically disappears from the floor:

14. *hand is literally on the plate*

15. When a quick nap becomes more than a nap:

16. But you still have to pretend you're not:

17. When you're having one of those days at work:

18. You're not there for their commentary:

19. Every time you check your Facebook News Feed:

20. But you still ~earned~ it:

21. *debates eating half-cooked food*

Instagram: @hilarious

22. And finally, this universal moment of relief and joy:

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