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Mickey Mouse Was A Health Nut In The '80s

Mousercise helped inspire a generation of kids to exercise.

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In 1982, Disney jumped on aerobics trend and released the exercise album Mousercise. The record was a mix of updated classic Disney songs along with characters giving exercise instructions.

The album included an instructional booklet with “Mousercises” (exercises).

The album was a success and in 1983 it led to the creation of one of the first Disney Channel original TV series, Mousercise.

Mousercise aired weekday mornings and was hosted by Kellyn Plasschaert. The show featured regular segments on exercise, safety, health and nutrition.

It also featured Mickey Mouse, along with other Disney characters exercising with a group of kids.

You could even get your own membership certificate to Mousercise.

In 1985, they released a Mousercise home video.

Disney also marketed other Mousercise related items as well, like coloring books…

... Aerobic clothing...

...And even special events at Disneyland.

Mousercise (like the aerobics trend) slowly faded away in the late '80s.

Disney tried to re-launch a new updated Mousercise in 2005, but it never caught on.

Mousercise record commercial:

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"Mousercise Medley":

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Mousercise intro:

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