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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    19 Simple Little Pleasures You Will Never Experience Again

    *cries in nostalgia*

    1. Opening up one of these for the very first time and getting that delightful smell of plastic:

    2. The excitement you got whenever you put in an orange Nickelodeon VHS tape into the VCR:

    3. Feeling so good about yourself whenever you got the MASH future you wanted:

    4. The anticipation you felt when saw one of these being rolled into your classroom:

    5. The pure joy you felt when you walked into your school's Scholastic Book Fair:


    6. The thrill of getting a homework assignment or test back with a shiny gold star on it:

    7. Feeling like you were hidden in the world's greatest hiding spot whenever you hid in one of these:

    8. The gush you got from receiving one of these from your crush:

    9. The feeling of bliss you got whenever you perfectly recorded a song off the radio on the first try:

    10. The magic you felt when you'd find the cookies you left for Santa had been eaten:

    Zabavna / Getty Images

    11. The glee you had whenever you circled all the toys you wanted in the new Sears Wishbook or J.C. Penny catalog:

    12. The rush of excitement you got whenever you were invited to a birthday party at Discovery Zone:

    13. Feeling like you won the lottery when you got a complete set of Happy Meal toys:

    14. Also feeling like you won the lottery whenever the new release you wanted was available at Blockbuster:

    David Friedman / Getty Images

    15. The little rush you got as you took all your tickets to the prize counter at Chuck E. Cheese's:

    16. The immense satisfaction you got whenever you put on the TV Guide channel and saw the exact channel's line-up you wanted to see:

    MrSurferOne /

    17. The "aww, shucks" feeling you'd get whenever you got passed one of these notes in class:

    18. Having the overwhelming feeling of "hell yeah!" whenever you saw these stores at the mall:, Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    19. And finally, the indescribable feeling that was the last day of school before summer vacation:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

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