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Justin Theroux Posted A Photo Of Himself At 14 Years Old, And TBH, I Think He Would've Beat Me Up In Middle School

Yup, even as a teen he was cool!

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Of course you're more than familiar with actor, screenwriter, producer, director Justin Theroux — who also happens to one half of the celeb couple Justinfer (I know they don't have a celeb couple name, but humor me here).

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Well, yesterday was Justin's 46th birthday (yup, hard to believe, but he is 46!)...

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

...and in honor of his bday he took to his Instagram and posted this photo of himself at 14 years old (I know!). And while he was a bit more babyfaced, he still gave off some real badass vibes.

Instagram: @justintheroux

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this isn't the first time he has given us a #TBT to his teenage years. Here he is at 16, looking cool AF. Honestly, like did he not have an awkward stage?!

Instagram: @justintheroux

I guess this is a reminder that some people were just born cool.


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