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    Mar 6, 2018

    30 Problems That All '90s Kids Faced That Made Them Say, "The Struggle Is Real!"

    Back when your biggest concern was not getting hit in the face with a Sky Dancer.

    1. When you tried to play your Gameboy during a car trip at night (which was basically impossible):

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    2. When your siblings or parents would record something using a VHS tape you specifically said NOT to use:

    3. When you'd launch your Sky Dancer, only to have it come back down and hit you directly in the face:


    4. When you'd miscalculate your ratio of graham cracker to frosting when eating Dunkaroos, and were left with too many graham crackers and no frosting:


    5. When someone (usually your sibling) accidentally kicked out the cord to the controller just as you were about to beat a level:

    6. When you’d forget to bring your money on Scholastic Book Fair day, and you just had to watch as everyone went on a ~shopping spree~:

    7. When you'd run out of batteries to your Walkman during a long car trip:

    8. When the sharp corner of your slap bracelet would poke and scratch you ‘cause the fabric had ripped:


    9. When the lights would burnout on just ONE of your light up shoes:


    10. When someone didn't rewind a movie and you were forced to close your eyes (while rewinding it), 'cause you didn't want to ruin any scenes from it:

    Twitter: @lindskramz / Getty Images

    11. When you had to watch a TV that only had an antenna, and the reception looked like this no matter how much you tried to fix it:


    12. Whenever this disaster would happen to you while trying to put your straw into your Capri Sun:

    13. Or when you’d try to open your milk carton and this would happen:

    14. When you'd use your fancy erasers to correct something, but instead it would just make it a smudgy mess:

    15. When the VCR would destroy your favorite VHS tape:

    16. When you'd use a marker without realizing the felt tip was damaged and it would ruin whatever you were coloring:


    17. When you'd accidentally pull the home phone off the table, while trying to answer it, because the receiver cord was tangled:

    18. When you were forced to get off the internet 'cause someone needed to make a call or was expecting a call:

    19. When you'd play with your Skip-It without tall socks or pants and it'd destroy your ankle:

    Matty Brown VHS Archives /

    20. When you were beholden to whatever TV stations aired and had to wait for your shows:

    Sony Television/

    21. When you wanted to take a picture of something but your/or your parents' camera was out film:

    22. When the DJ would talk over a song you were waiting to record off the radio:

    23. When you'd turn on the TV Guide channel and the ONE channel listing you wanted to see had just scrolled by:


    24. When you'd run out of AOL monthly minutes and had no AOL free trial CDs to replenish them with:

    25. When your Hypercolor T-shirt would stop changing colors and just became a splotchy mess:

    26. When your inflatable furniture would start deflating after you'd only been sitting on it for like 10 minutes:

    27. When you'd step barefoot on an open Polly Pocket or Mighty Max case and it would sending a shooting pain all over your body:

    28. When you'd go trick-or-treating using these buckets, only to realize about a quarter way through your night that they hold ZERO candy:


    29. When your Furby would randomly wake you up in the middle of the night 'cause it was ~screaming~ in its creepy language:


    30. And finally, whenever this happened (especially during a test):

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