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18 Tweets That Basically Sum Up Shopping At Ikea

"Buying ONLY what you went to Ikea to buy is not a thing."

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1. When you're already feeling defeated and you haven't even parked your car yet:

2. When you realize that there is no way that bed is going to fit in your hatchback:

3. When you tell yourself you're only buying one thing, but know deep down that's a lie:

4. When you think you've only been shopping for 20 minutes, but realize it's actually been hours:

5. When you feel like you need to take Swedish language course before shopping there:

6. When you seriously start considering making changes to the way you live your life just to incorporate some furniture pieces...

7. ...or that every piece of furniture you own is ugly as fuck:

8. When you eventually become overwhelmed and accept defeat:

9. When you're shopping with loved ones and it REALLY tests the limits of your relationship:

10. When you actually find what you came in for, but then have to make the tough decision of either heading quickly toward the register...

11. ...or keep looking around and probably end up spending your entire grocery budget on knickknacks you don't need:

12. When you've walked through what feels like 300 showrooms and still haven't seen a sign for either the marketplace or cafeteria, much less the registers:

13. When you're at the registers and the smell of hot dogs and cinnamon rolls is so overwhelming that you know you won't be able to resist getting one before heading out:

14. When you pack your car with your purchases and realize that you might just die buried beneath a pile of boxes:

15. When you get home and realize that you didn't even get what you went there for:

16. When you open the instruction manual and realize it's going to be a long night...

17. ....or a REALLY long weekend:

18. And lastly, when you finish assembling your furniture and realize that you have a few pieces left over, and you think to yourself Meh, close enough:

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