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    Here’s All The Funniest And, Also, Most Brutally Honest Twitter Reactions To Christina Aguilera's Appearance On The Season Premiere Of "RuPaul's Drag Race"

    "It’s so refreshing to see Christina Aguilera on TV, not holding a box of Oreos."

    So, as you probably know by now, Christina Aguilera made a truly iconic appearance as a guest judge on the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 last night, as well as on Untucked.


    And, well, of course, Twitter was there to react to all of her quotable and meme-worthy moments.

    Sony Music

    Like her inspired "Farrah Moan" gag entrance:

    When Ru said Farrah Moan was coming back but it ended up being Xtina

    Ngl I was sad when Christina Aguilera walked onto the runway and it wasn’t @farrahrized #DragRace

    Also forgot Xtina was in the episode so for a moment I believed the gag that was bringing back Farrah Moan #DragRace

    The @RuPaulsDragRace S10 cast when they thought @farrahrized was coming back to compete but then realized it was @xtina #DragRaceXtina @RuPaul #dragrace @RuPaulsDragRace @TATIANNANOW

    Y’all queens better watch out because @xtina just auditioned for Drag Race Season 11 with @farrahrized as her snatch game character.

    And when there was ONE giant inevitable question both the queens and the viewers had on their mind:

    Xtina really thought she was going to escape that “new music?” Question huh?? On a show full of gays?? NOT TODAY jsjdjsjskakd 💀💀

    xtina when the queens immediately started grilling her about new music

    The category is...drop that album Christina. #DragRace

    Christina Aguilera promising new music is coming.... well where is it bitch

    Me when @xtina said “I promise for the 10000000tg time: #DragRace

    Christina Aguilera needs to drop a single immediately after this episode or else what was the point #DragRace

    They really eliminate miss Vanjie just because she asked Xtina about the new music #DragRace

    And some Twitter folks were just living for her entire appearance:

    The run Christina Aguilera did on #DragRace gave me a rush of seratonin that no pharmaceutical could ever provide.

    Good morning to no one but this now canon GIF of Xtina

    R.I.P. Ryan Porter, 1978 - 2018, cause of death, @xtina singing for 5 seconds on #DragRace 😇

    I don’t want to braguilera but christina was a draguilera and she was there to gaguilera @xtina @RuPaulsDragRace #DragRace

    Me when @xtina came out in the runway last night #DragRace

    It’s so refreshing to see Christina Aguilera on TV, not holding a box of Oreos #DragRace

    And finally, this person that is now ready to face another workday thanks to Xtina:

    Me coming to work after last night @xtina @RuPaul #DragRace #sickening

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