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    Heidi Klum Is The Queen Of Halloween

    Over the years she has proved that we should just rename it Klum-oween. She also apparently has a thing for fangs.

    It all started in 2000, when Heidi -- dressed like a mid-'90s Hot Topic assistant manager -- threw her very first Halloween bash.

    The following year, she pulled a Bianca Jagger and made her grand entrance atop a horse while dressed as Lady Godvia, of course

    In 2002, she wowed everyone dressed as Betty Boop (or possibly Liza Minnelli).

    Somehow she still managed to look sexy in 2003 while dressed as the Predator...

    ...or possibly a one-off She-Ra villain.

    In 2004, she dressed like a sexy ginger vampire witch...

    ...that knows how to make an ENTRANCE!

    Also, Seal made his first appearance, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera.

    She turned back time in 2005 as CHER! Just kidding, she was a vampire, I think?

    Meanwhile Seal dressed like a cop. What, no couples costumes?

    Serving us some forbidden fruit realness in 2006.

    While Seal put on his a-game as a sultry Eve.

    Looking purrrrfect (sorry for the pun) in 2007.

    In 2008, she pulled out all the stops as Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction.

    I think Seal dressed-up like Bloth from The Pirates of Dark Water.

    At her tenth annual bash, the two donned matching his and hers crow costumes.

    I have no idea what in Transformers-hell she is supposed to be.

    But she rocked it!

    In 2011 she held two parties! At her first party -- in Vegas -- she played homage to the Bodies exhibit.

    At her second party in NYC, Heidi and Seal looked unrecognizable and terrifying as apes.

    AHHHHH!!!! Stahp it.

    In 2012, she brought out the glamour in her extravagant Liz Taylor as Cleopatra costume.

    "LOL, I'm fabulous! Tschüss Hasser."