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    Mind-Blowing Photos Of Henry Rollins Working At Häagen-Dazs

    The former Black Flag singer is a true Renaissance man: musician, actor, author, journalist, comedian, activist, and purveyor of ice cream.

    This is how we all picture Henry Rollins:

    The angry badass former frontman of the legendary punk band Black Flag.

    But in 1981, he worked at Häagen-Dazs in Washington D.C.

    He was a model employee, who was promoted to assistant manager.

    He loved his job and hanging out with fellow musician Ian MacKaye, from Fugazi and Minor Threat.

    Eventually he had had to make a really tough decision. Keep working in the glamorous ice cream industry or audition for Black Flag.


    According to Rollins:

    "I looked at the ice cream scoop in my chocolate-bespattered apron...and my future in the world of minimum wage work...or I could go up to New York and audition for this crazy band who was my favorite. What's the worst that's gonna happen to me? I miss a day of work...ooh, there goes 21 bucks."

    Lucky for him he got the job and left the last ordinary job he would ever have.

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