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You're Wrong If You Think Something Other Than Chocolate Chip Is The Best Cookie

Warning: You'll be craving a chocolate chip cookie after reading this post!

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Let's be honest, there are few more pure and wonderful moments in life* than enjoying a bite into a delicious freshly baked cookie.

*Yes, I know having kids, kisses from your dog, etc. etc. But, you know, cookies are the bomb and deserve more recognition.


Sure, naysayers will say that you can have an all chocolate cookie. But, chocolate dough and chocolate chips are NOT the same. And honestly, a good plain cookie dough only ENHANCES a piece of chocolate to create the ultimate taste-gasm.

Sorry, but chocolate cookies are just too much chocolate and your mouth is like, "Yeah, OK, this is fine. Maybe just a little much?"


And lets not forget that they are the ONLY cookies you should use when making an ice cream sandwich.


Don't even get me started on cookie dough ice cream, which is just chocolate chip cookies in ice cream form.

So the next time someone tries to tell you Oreos, or macaroons, or sugar cookies, or oatmeal raisin (gross, I know, but some people stan it) are the best, just tell them "NOPE, there is only ONE and that's chocolate chip!"

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