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    Funniest Vecna Tweets About The "Running Up That Hill" Scene From "Stranger Things 4"

    "Vecna would kill me 'cause I can’t decide what my favorite song is."

    🚨 There are some mild spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4! 🚨

    I think almost all Stranger Things fans will agree that Season 4's "Dear Billy" episode is not only the best episode of the season, but also one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    a character floating up in a trance

    Of course, this is all because of the last five minutes of the episode, where Max (Sadie Sink) escapes Vecna while being pulled out of his trance by listening to Kate Bush's 1985 classic, "Running Up That Hill."

    The scene is so popular that Netflix even put it up on YouTube.

    View this video on YouTube


    And it also lead to "Running Up That Hill" charting at No. 8 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 (even breaking its own chart placement record — the song had previously charted at No. 30 in 1985).

    What’s your favorite song in the top 10 on this week’s Hot 100?

    Billboard/ Twitter: @PopCrave

    The scene also inspired lots of people online to share their favorite song that would snap them out of the trance.

    what's the song that would save you from Vecna's curse?

    Netflix/ Twitter: @NetflixGeeked

    But there were also a lot of funny reactions to the scene. So, I rounded up 23 "song that would save me from Venca" tweets that'll have you laughing:

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    Imagine dying coz your friends don't know your favourite song #strangerthings

    Twitter: @Obstikhal


    Just me trying to figure out which song will save me from Vecna's curse #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @prajakta_mane_


    this song could save me from vecna

    Twitter: @mxmtoon / Ministry of Sound


    vecna would kill me cause i can’t decide what my favorite song is

    Twitter: @naleygallavich


    me in vecna’s dimension listening to my favourite song whilst my friends worry if i die or not #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @J4NESAUSTEN


    the only song that could save me from vecna is girls house so i guess i’ll just die

    Twitter: @messyandmanic


    If I was under Vecna's curse, my friends wouldn't even know what song to play coz I say "that's my song" to almost every song on my phone #strangerthingsseason4

    Twitter: @ThatOuKhalid


    this is the song that would save me from vecna

    ERBoH/ Twitter: @ckyknxville


    @heartbreaklore #StrangerThings star Sadie Sink says “Morbius Trailer Music” would save her from Vecna. “That song honestly can revive me from anything. It's morbin time.”

    Netflix/ Marvel/ Twitter: @Afiequestee


    i don’t care what song y’all play to wake me up from vecna’s curse, but if you dare play a song by liam payne i’m staying in there.

    Twitter: @livesosluvrr


    his vecna song is gonna be diana ross

    Netflix/ Twitter: @mitchoo_oo


    @hawkinsl0ser Or imagine if Vecna catches Will and they play should i stay or should i go but this song aint his fav anymore, instead its "boys dont cry" by the cure, but no one actually knows BECAUSE NOBODY TALKS TO HIM ANYMORE and he dies 😍💞

    Twitter: @VasilIliev21


    Me when Wills gonna get Vecna’d and Mike will save him but Realizing Mike probably doesn’t even know his favorite song.

    Fox/ Twitter: @BYLERCOMFORT


    will is dying in the vecna trance bc no one can remember his favorite song just like they cant remember his birthday

    Twitter: @mikenormative


    stop asking the heartstopper cast if they prefer orange or apple juice start asking them which song would save them from vecna

    Twitter: @loverneIson


    These stupid spotify ads will prevent any song from saving me from Vecna's curse

    Twitter: @sanelysniffy


    the amount of times that i change my fav song, vecna will get me so damn fast

    Twitter: @carascornelia


    if vecna comes for me DO NOT PLAY THIS SONG. I will literally flatline before he even gets to me

    Twitter: @sweatyirl / UMG


    fuck zodiac signs, i wanna know what song would save u from vecna

    Twitter: @1braincelll


    my friends after having to listen to the same death metal song for 24 hours because Vecna cursed me

    Netflix/ Twitter: @ayytrae


    @korysverse this would’ve been me soon as they put the headphone on with my fave song playin. vecna would’ve definitely gained another

    Twitter: @clitsanddoobies


    Someone please play obi-wan favourite song vecna got him

    Disney+/ Lucasfilm/ Twitter: @delaspidey


    If I ever get cursed by vecna just play WAP on my AirPods and I’ll be out of that trance in no time

    Twitter: @noah_schnapp

    @demoleven @noah_schnapp Nah can’t be this song because I would take a little dance break in the underworld probably try to duet with vecna

    Twitter: @SoetanTomi