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    29 Hilarious '90s Tweets That'll Bring Back Memories You'll Either Cringe Or Smile About

    All of these feel like forever ago and like yesterday at the same time.

    Okay, so we've written at least 175,000 articles about how great it was to grow up in the '90s. And really, it truly was!!!

    Of course, the further away we get from the decade, the more and more things look dated, silly, or cringe in retrospect. So, today we'll be looking at some very funny tweets about the '90s that'll have you laughing and maybe even saying "this is too real" out loud.


    Beanie Babies were the cryptocurrency of the 90s.

    Twitter: @catvalente


    wait so did people in the 90s really have a drink called Surge that looked like This. This is some cartoon nickelodeon movie shit dude

    Twitter: @trashwithab


    Today’s kids will never know the absolute speed at which you ran to the restroom during the changing of the first VHS tape for the second one when watching Titanic in the 90s

    Twitter: @maryfairybobrry
    "Titanic" VHS tape


    Did people in the 90s actually keep bottles of Snapple constantly stocked in their fridge or is this something Snapple wants me to believe.

    Twitter: @EarthtoBrint


    Did people in the 90s really wear sweater vests as much as Boy Meets World would lead you to believe?

    Twitter: @garbagexhuman


    why did people in the 90s do lil hair fireworks on the back of their heads

    Twitter: @sorryimacancer


    Getting out of your car in the 90s was like......

    Twitter: @JARRETT


    Did people in the 90s really say "All that and bag of chips"

    Twitter: @unclefooty


    This was the mascot for Honeycombs, no wonder 90’s kids are a mess

    Twitter: @TylerBarr52


    Kids today will never know the pain of destroying your thumbs and still having no clue if the battery had power

    Twitter: @StevoluxDj


    If this pandemic had happened in the 90s Blockbuster Video would have become the most powerful corporation on earth

    Twitter: @hilaryagro


    I felt cheated the first time I ate gushers and my head didn’t turn into a fruit

    Twitter: @BlakeBruhhhh


    Me: At the @Scholastic book fair with 20$ about to buy 5 Goosebumps books and a @FordMustang poster….

    Twitter: @Coach_Kvalheim


    Twitter: @Busajja1


    Those Grey Poupon ads from the 80s and 90s really had us believing their $1.50 product was Mustard For Rich People. I’d see it in my friends’ pantries and be like, “Wow, these guys are LOADED!”

    Twitter: @ImMeganCollins


    when i was young, i thought this was the epitome of wealth & sophistication

    Twitter: @AaronSerna


    Did people in the 90s brag about their new cars when literally every car looked like this

    Twitter: @_zachhaines_


    Why did people drink so much milk in the 90s?

    Twitter: @booshy992


    Remember when big milk made us all think our bones would deteriorate if we didn't drink milk? 🐄🥛 Between that and being forced to do the Macarena in PE every week, being a youth in the 90s was WILD.

    Twitter: @ChloeCondon


    The Chuck E. Cheese I grew up with would have had today's Chuck E. Cheese in the back of a trunk.

    Twitter: @LloydLegalist


    did people in the 90s actually want ross and rachel to get together?? like why

    Twitter: @Paramore12Becca


    Set it Off was really crazy cuz 4 women only robbed the bank for $12,000… that’s 3k a piece 😭

    Twitter: @branmattic2x


    I finally watched “Dead Calm,” and man, people in the 90s did NOT know enough to keep Billy Zane off their boats, huh

    Twitter: @byJudeDoyle


    Watching a Seinfeld episode (S2) where George says he's 33. I was too young at the time, but did people in the 90s really buy that?

    Twitter: @llowellw


    You have no right to judge me. You still owe Columbia house for those cds in the 90s.

    Twitter: @propapergirl


    did people in the 80s and 90s really have those fundraisers where they auction dates with people? they seem like horrible events considering the history of this country but they are in basically every sitcom from that era.

    Twitter: @carriefranky


    Me in 1999: These graphics can't get any more realistic The graphics:

    Twitter: @GFuelEnergy


    Did people in the ‘90s realize everything they were wearing was unflattering and ugly?

    Twitter: @jbarro


    Me, a kid, moving the TV in the 90's.

    Twitter: @MartinH4rtz