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    32 Pictures From The Late '90s That Will Make You Remember Things You Didn't Even KNOW You Couldn't Remember

    A post for anyone who though the "Todd Time" segments on MTV's House of Style were the highlights of the episode!

    1. Fuzzy picture frames that you thought looked way cool:

    2. Hard Candy's badass makeup line that came in some bold, but very pretty colors:

    3. Todd Oldham oh-so-cool "Todd Time" segments on MTV's House of Style, which really did inspire you:

    4. Alyssa Milano's very provocative Candie's commercials:

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    5. Oh-so-dreamy mosquito net canopies that you would drape over your bed and would make you feel a bit ethereal:

    6. Hemp products from The Body Shop that made you feel a bit rebellious:

    7. And The Body Shop lipglosses, which came in a beautiful range of mocha-ish colors:

    8. The Dancing Baby that you thought was so cool:

    9. Giving yourself highlights with hair mascara — that would eventually turn into clumpy chalky highlights:

    10. Snapple Elements that came in pretty glass bottles:

    11. Tibetan prayer bead bracelets — which you loved stacking several of them at a time:

    12. Personalizing your folders and backpacks with patches, stickers, and markers:

    13. Blacklight accessories that you would get from Spencer's:

    14. Holographic vending machine stickers, which were the perfect way to accessorize your locker, book covers, and folders:

    15. Holographic clothing and accessories — 'cause Y2K was right around the corner, and it screamed, "THE FUTURE":

    16. Embellished jeans that made you feel fancy AF:

    17. Flavored Bonne Bell LipShades that you sorta wanted to eat:

    18. Freeman's Papaya ProVita shampoo, which was actually made for colored or permed hair, but you used anyways 'cause it smelled AMAZING:

    19. Clueless...

    20. ....and Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels, which were always fun and easy reads:

    21. Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue perfume ads, that were so chic and looked like a modern day Breakfast at Tiffany's:

    22. Watching your favorite celebs being interviewed on The Howard Stern Show on E!:

    23. Gap's Dream, Grass, and Heaven prefumes, which you would have as your "signature day scent":

    24. The Spice Girls "Generation Next" Pepsi commercial, which was legit great:

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    25. Candies (or any clog in general), which made you sound like a Clydesdale whenever you walked in them:

    26. Having private phone conversations like this (when it wasn't a portable phone):

    27. Cargo skirts, which were actually not practical:

    28. Mudd Jeans — which you would buy at Wet Seal or Contempo Casuals:

    29. The Box Music Network, which you were always tempted to call and order a music video whenever you watched it:

    30. These lava lamps that you thought looked both retro and futuristic:

    31. The Ultimate Dance Party 1997 CD, which EVERYONE owned:

    32. And finally, random magazines that only featured photos of your celebrity crush (also, these magazines were perfect to decorate your bedroom walls with):