For Everyone Who Has Ever Experienced A Fotomat

    The little kiosks that made developing photos in the '70s easy.

    Founded in 1965, Fotomat was once a national chain of photo development drive-thru kiosks.

    The kiosks were distinctive for their gold, pyramid-shaped roofs and red-lettered signs.

    Fotomat offered the convenience of one-day photo development.

    Another convenience was that they were typically located in the parking lots of supermarkets and strip malls, allowing for an easy drop-off and pick-up.

    At its peak in 1980 there were over 4,000 Fotomats throughout the U.S. But, with the advent of one-hour photo development, the company's main product (one-day development) was made obsolete.

    Fotomat commercial from 1981:

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    The company went completely out of business in September of 2009. Today the kiosks have been redeveloped for different uses, varying from watch repair shops to...

    Locksmith shops....

    Cigarette stands....

    Coffee shops....

    And alterations shops.

    While some sit abandoned.

    RIP Fotomats. You live on in the photos you developed.