19 Foods That People Swear Others Are Only Pretending To Like Because There Is No Other Explanation

    We need to have an honest discussion about circus peanuts.

    There are lots of foods that I would say are universally loved (like, I would add hot dogs to that!). But, then there are some foods that you just can't understand why anyone would like them. In fact, it makes you wonder if people are pretending to like them.

    Betty White holding a hot dog

    And that's what Reddit user Joeyniles9 wanted to know when they recently asked: "What's a food that you swear people only pretend to like?"

    Closeup of Dan Levy making a disgusted face

    Lots of people chimed in to share the foods they think people are only pretending to like. And, I am going to be honest, a lot of these I actually like, so it really does come down to each individual. Anyhow, here are the top, most repeated, and best comments:

    1. "Low fat ranch dressing is f***ing disgusting."

    Carrots in ranch

    2. "Fondant on cake. 🤢"

    A baker smoothing a round cake

    3. "That Italian cheese [casu martzu] that has live larvae in it."

    Someone scooping cheese

    4. "Edible gold."

    Edible gold

    5. "Edible flowers. I’m a bartender, and no one makes a good face when they eat them."

    Edible flowers

    6. "Candy corn."

    Candy corn

    7. "We have something in Portugal called 'arroz de lampreia,' I have no idea how to translate it; just so you know it tastes like tar."

    arroz de lampreia

    8. "Lutefisk. It used to be dinner once or twice a year at my parents' house. Dad was a firm believer in making you eat everything; none of us kids wanted any part of lutefisk. Mom finally got him to let us have something else because lutefisk was 'too expensive to make them eat it.'"


    9. "IPAs. They taste like processed grass clippings."

    Draft beers on a table

    10. "Liver...yuck!"

    Cooked liver

    11. "Circus peanuts. There's no way people are actually out there enjoying those things, but enough people pretend to keep them in business."

    Circus peanuts

    12. "Surströmming (fermented fish) might be the most DISGUSTING food on earth, but Swedish people actually enjoy it."

    Cooked Surströmming

    13. "Oysters are overpriced sea boogers."


    14. "Black licorice. Yuck."

    Black licorice

    15. "Steak and kidney pie. Kidneys are disgusting. The texture is gross, and anything they are made with smells."

    Steak and kidney pie

    16. "Lobster foam. Anything foam. I'm grinding my teeth just thinking about it. It's so pretentious, and it sucks. It tastes weird — like someone mixed a shrimp-flavored ramen packet into marshmallow fluff."

    Lobster foam

    17. "Bottled coconut water. What even is happening there?"

    Coconut water next to a split coconut

    18. "Rare hamburgers. My god, it's foul. Yes, it's cooked on the outside, but it literally still tastes like raw ground beef."

    A rare hamburger

    19. And lastly: "Avocados. I swear it tastes like clean testicles."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.