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    People Are Sharing The Foods They Think Are Expensive And Overrated, And Some Very Popular Things Made The List

    "It’s just too much umami to eat by itself, IMO. I’ve only had it a couple times and it’s just...SO aggressive."

    It goes without saying that when it comes to the foods we eat, you either like the taste of something or you don’t. But sometimes, there are foods that everyone seems to universally love that you can’t understand why they’re so hyped up — maybe you even like them, but find them to be way too overpriced.

    And recently, Reddit user WallStreetDoesntBet wanted to know just that when they posed this question: "What food is expensive and overrated?"

    Lots and lots of people chimed in with the foods they think are just too pricey or not that great. Here are some of the top-voted and best answers:

    1. "Those overloaded, tall, 'instagrammable' hipster burgers."

    2. "Gold flakes. It tastes like nothing and is just to flex that you have money to waste."

    3. "Honestly, if you think about it, pizza. Literally bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and a few toppings (which are honestly a few grams) for $10-plus. Can’t deny it’s good, but I’d say generally overpriced due to its popularity."

    4. "Lobster rolls. It's $22–$28 for two to three ounces of lobster meat slathered in mayonnaise and put in a hot dog bun."

    5. "Caviar. No other comment, just caviar."

    6. "Honorable mention goes out to anyone who asks for a restaurant's 'most expensive wine.' You're just showing off your money to the people around you and clearly telling the staff you have no idea what you're ordering. You'll usually get a mediocre wine with an expensive price tag."

    7. "Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Fight me."

    8. "Chilean sea bass. I love most fish, but this just has the most horrible after taste, like black cod also has. (Also, caught by trawler, so not great for the environment.)"

    9. "Anything where a single plate is over $100. I feel like flavor peaks around $40—$50 and everything beyond that just tastes weirder to seem fancy."

    10. "Veal. I am a carnivore. However, knowing how they are made is so fucking cruel. I just can't bring myself to eat them."

    11. "Pink Himalayan salt — the reddish color comes from iron oxide, same shit as rust. In Tibet it is considered low grade salt and they use it to salt the animal feeds cuz it has more minerals."

    12. "I love chicken wings, but they’re overpriced."

    13. "Honestly, Wagyu beef. I had it just to say I've had it. I paid a premium price for a little thing that probably wouldn't even be considered an appetizer. It was okay."

    14. "Filet mignon. It's steak, and not even the best cut."

    15. "Foie gras is tasty but it's so rich you really can only eat a few fork fulls. I went to a restaurant once where the serving was a whole slab of it just because it's 'rich food.'"

    16. "Crab legs. Way too much work for too little reward. Not saying that they don't taste good, they taste great...I just don't like fighting my food to eat it."

    17. "Oysters. Just ashtrays full of snot."

    And lastly...

    18. "Avocado toast. I'd be able to afford a house in a good neighborhood and support a family of five on a single income if I hadn't eaten that in my twenties."

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Do you agree with these, or do you think there are some that are missing? Let us know in the comments below!