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    People Are Confused By This "Favorite Fast Food" Map By State That Was Created Just To Troll Them

    And if you've never heard of Mod pizza, you will have after reading this.

    A couple of days ago, the Twitter account @TodayInSports3 tweeted out this map showcasing each state’s favorite fast-food chain that, they claimed, was created by Cheddar.

    Each states favorite fast food restaurant. (via @cheddar). 🍔🍗🍕

    Now, the map did get some of them spot-on, like California and its love for In-N-Out.


    And Whataburger for Texas (which, honestly, can you even think of Texas and not think of Whataburger?).

    Whataburger /

    But there were some that just made zero sense, and of course, people had thoughts on that!

    DreamWorks /

    Like how they had never heard of Mod pizza, yet it's the most popular fast-food chain in their state:

    @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles Bud what the fuck is MOD Pizza?

    @pimpdxddyjo I live in Indiana, never even heard of Mods before in my life

    With some people saying this had to have been paid by Mod pizza:

    @MoistSquirts @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles I'm convinced they paid for this tweet.

    @JonahDispatch i'm certain this is a massively successful viral advertising campaign by Mod Pizza and you have been duped by the Mad Men.

    @JoshKloes @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles no this map brought to you by MOD Pizza

    While others were wondering why Chick-fil-A wasn't even the top fast-food chain in its home state of Georgia:

    @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles You're telling me the state that is the HQ of Chick-fil-A and Waffle House didn't pick either? Ooooook lol

    @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles This is 100% without a doubt the stupidest map I’ve ever seen. If you really think that ANY fast food place not called Chikfila isn’t king in Georgia, well, good luck Charlie

    Some were just confused about why Nebraska and North Dakota would say In-N-Out is their favorite fast-food chain when there isn't one located in either state:

    I love how y’all asking about mod pizza, but I’ve never seen a in n out in Nebraska, so this seems invalid

    In N Out so good that people come from Nebraska and North Dakota just to eat it

    North Dakota & Nebraska know what’s up, no In-N-Out within 200 miles of either state & they still vote smart. Also, wtf is a Mod?!?

    Eventually people began questioning the authenticity of this map:

    And it turns out they were right to question this map. The map isn't actually based on real data and was made for fun.

    @TodayInSports3 @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @culvers @Bojangles Hello. It's us. We made this map for fun in 2018 from a Twitter poll of our followers (and not based on published data). Check it out here: Drop your favorite fast food restaurant and we'll make a new map.

    In fact, here is the original map, and it's clearly trolling people:

    If I learned anything from this, it is that people are PASSIONATE about their fast-food chains!