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42 “Facts” That Everyone Between The Ages 33–40 Can Agree On

Don't click on this post unless you lived through the '80s.

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4. While it was tiny AF, watching TV from the Sony Watchman made you feel like you were living in the future.


10. How Punky Brewster's tree house and bedroom were GOALS.


16. That Disney's Return to Oz was the first ~horror~ movie marketed to kids.


20. That an uncomfortable mask with poor visibility, and a plastic smock that didn't really let you move, were just part of Halloween:


24. That it wasn't creepy at all to have McDonald's food talk to you in order to entice you into eating them.

31. How confusing it was to have two different cartoons titled Ghostbusters.

38. That even as a young kid you knew Rio cheating on Jerrica with Jem was all sorts of fucked up...