Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About "Sesame Street Disco"

Check out Big Bird, Grover and Ernie’s disco-fueled album. Can you dig it?

Released in 1978, “Sesame Street Fever” (a parody of “Saturday Night Fever”), was a disco album featuring the cast of “Sesame Street” singing disco interpretations of songs from the “Sesame Street” television show.

Along with songs from the show, the album featured two new songs, the title track “Sesame Street Fever” and “Trash”, both songs feature guest vocals from Robin Gibb (from the Bee Gees).

A promotional photo of Big Bird and Robin Gibb preparing to record “Sesame Street Fever” with producer Joe Raposo in 1978.

1. Robin Gibb, Big Bird, The Count, Grover, Ernie and Cookie Monster, “Sesame Street Fever”

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2. Robin Gibb, “Trash”

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The album even included a remixed disco version of the classic “Sesame Street” song “Rubber Duckie”

3. Ernie, “Rubber Duckie Disco”

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“Sesame Street Fever” album reached #75 on the “Billboard 200” and was certified Gold by the RIAA. The album was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording for Children, but lost to “The Muppet Show.”

The album was released in LP, cassette, and eight-track audio formats. But, it was never released on CD. It is currently available on iTunes.

Also, the “Sesame Street” show was no stranger to disco parodies. Check out the videos below:

4. Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus go to the disco:

Cookie Monster singing “Cookie Disco” (a parody of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft”):

Grover in “ABC Disco”:

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