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    Updated on Mar 24, 2019. Posted on Mar 21, 2019

    15 Years After " Friends" Ended, Courteney Cox Paid A Visit To The New York Apartment That The Show Took Place In

    The one where we all cried watching an Insta video!

    I think all of us Friends fans can agree that there was an unofficial seventh cast member on the show: Monica and Rachel's apartment. From its oh-so-'90s cool interior...

    Warner Bros. Te ITS memorable exterior, the apartment played an IMPORTANT role ON the show.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Well last night Monica herself, Courteney Cox, posted this video clip of herself outside the building that her character called home for 10 seasons on the show:

    And if filming herself in front of the building wasn't enough, much like Monica, she went the extra step by saying this as the Friends transition music played 😭:


    She also captioned it with this perfect caption (I KNOW!):


    All I can say is, thank you Courteney for being here for us Friends fans ('cause we're there for you too)!!!

    Warner Bros. Television

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