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    Chris Pratt Accidentally Deleted More Than 35,000 Unread Emails After His Son Gasped At His Full Inbox

    "Okay, trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread, and it just deleted them."

    Okay, I realize it's 2020 and we live in a world where we are inundated with emails — I mean, most of us are probably still getting sales emails from a store where we bought something in 2014.

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    But we also live in a world with two types of people: those who clear out their email inboxes and those who don't.


    FTR, I am team "clear out the indox" (on the left), while a friend and coworker of mine — who will go unnamed — is team "just let that shit pile up and look messy" (on the right).

    And apparently Chris Pratt is team messy inbox and he has the story to confirm it.

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    Yesterday, Chris went onto his Instagram story and explained that his 7-year-old son, Jack, had grabbed his phone the day before and was shocked at the number of unread emails he had — which he then shared a screenshot of.

    Chris Pratt/ Instagram: @

    That emoji is also me reacting to seeing that Chris has 35,944 unread emails.

    And like most of us, Chris said his email was mostly just junk:

    I get it. I know. It’s mostly junk. See what I do is I sign up for everything. I’m one of those idiots who will do, like, an IQ test. It’ll be like, "Wanna take an IQ test? Gimme your email!" And then I do, which proves my IQ is about seven. And I just get junk from everyone and I just don’t erase it.

    He then apologized to all the people he had never responded to and said he was setting a goal to clear out his inbox over the next month:

    But I also want to apologize, there are a lot of emails in there where I just spaced out and I didn't get back to you. If you're watching this and you're one of those people, I'm sorry. But I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try to get back to you.

    I'm working on it right now. That's my next goal for the next month, I am going to try to go through a thousand emails a day. I am going to get it down to zero ⁠— you watch!

    Except things didn't go as planned, as he didn't realize he was accidentally deleting his ENTIRE inbox — which was more than 50,000 emails.

    At first he was a little perplexed but knew something wasn't right:

    Okay, trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread, and it just deleted them. So now I'm like: "Oh no, I needed to read them." But I don't know where they went.

    But then, naturally, he had this reaction when he realized that the emails were actually being erased from his trash bin:

    Chris went on to freak out a bit as he couldn't do anything but watch as they cleared out of his trash bin:

    It may have just gotten deleted ⁠— 51,000 emails are in the trash. Oh fuck! What did I do? It’s just deleting them all. All my emails. Oh, my God. This could be a real nightmare.

    He then came up with the only solution to the problem he could think of:

    If I owe you an email, you might want to follow up on that. Re-submit, perhaps...the email? And then I'll read it. It may have just gotten deleted.

    So there you have it. It sounds like Chris might need a lesson on how to clear out his inbox in the future.


    And also, if you know Chris personally and he owes you an email back, you might want to re-submit.

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