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    Brittany Murphy’s "Beverly Hills, 90210" Dolls Commercial Raises Some Questions

    Brittany once starred in an early '90s commercial for the coolest toys you probably never owned.

    Watch this Beverly Hills, 90210 dolls commercial featuring Brittany Murphy and see if it raises any red flags to you:

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    The three questions I am left with after viewing this commercial:

    1. Aren't Brittany* and the other girls just a little too old to be playing with dolls? Clearly they are in junior high or possibly high school.

    *Brittany was 14 when she filmed this commercial in 1992.

    2. But if they are playing with dolls, wouldn't these teenage girls be too embarrassed to bring them out of their locker?

    3. Most troubling, what’s up with the weird sexual innuendo Brittany makes about helping put on Brandon's clothes?

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