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    Myths Are Widely Held Beliefs That Really Aren't True — And Here Are 18 Of Them That Are Very Ingrained Into All Of Us

    "That humans only use 10% of their brain. Sorry to tell you, we don't have some massive untapped potential in our brains that will turn us into super-humans, or something."

    Earlier this week, Reddit user u/messinaldo107 asked this question to the AskReddit community: "What is clearly a myth but is deep-rooted in our society?"

    character saying, No it's a myth

    Well, lots of people had responses about myths that they wish others would stop believing. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "Cheaters never win."

    2. "That good people get rewarded and that bad people get punished."

    character saying, the good guys don't win, the bad guys don't get punished

    3. "Carrots give you better eye sight."

    an illustrated ad of a carrot that saying he's the children's best friend

    4. "Rabbits love carrots."

    5. "'Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.' (Yes, it does — and frequently.)"

    6. "Shaving your hair makes it grow back darker and thicker."

    someone shaving their legs

    7. "Coca-Cola didn't create the red and white Santa Claus. The red and white Santa was drawn by Thomas Nast way before Coca-Cola started using it."

    the coca cola ad with santa

    8. "The only thing you need to do to be rich and successful is work hard."

    9. "If your Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper has the guy with the bow and arrow pointing at the star, you get a free one."

    tootsie roll pops

    10. "Work should be fun, and if you do something you love you won't really be working. No, it's not. Work sucks in general. Even your fantasy of an ideal dream job is going to have annoying paperwork, shitty people to deal with, and just generally suck."

    11. "If you just work hard, your bosses will appreciate it and promote you and soon you will be wildly successful."

    12. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

    an old ad of a family with boxes of cereal

    13. "Menstrual synchrony. I honestly kinda wish it were true, it's kind of cute, but study after study debunks it. Some people swear it happens, but if you're each having a period roughly one out of four weeks a month, it'll coincidentally line up once in a while. I felt bad sometimes when I was younger and didn't have mine the same week as my friends, so I want to spare other menstruating people the same."

    woman holding a calendar

    14. "That we only use 10% of the brain."

    15. "Overly cracking your knuckles cause arthritis."

    16. "That women have an extra rib."

    woman holding a rib scan photo

    17. "That lemmings commit mass suicide to control their own population. This is a lie told in a Disney documentary back in the '50s. Ironically, it won an Oscar, I think."

    a lemming outside

    And lastly...

    18. "Ginger ale doesn't cure anything, it's fucking sugar."

    glass of giner ale and crackers

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.