Beastie Boys’ 1998 “Hello Nasty” Infomercial Is Pretty Genius

The commercial is ridiculous, weird, and totally Beastie Boys.

1. In 1998, to promote Hello Nasty, the Beastie Boys produced and starred in a half-hour “infomercial” for the album. The commercial was a parody of different late-night infomercials and featured each member in their own bit:

2. Ad-Rock as “John,” the over enthused audience member, was featured in a bit about a juice extractor, that also happens to play Beastie Boys songs.

3. Mike D as exercise guru “Jack Freeweather.”

4. MCA (RIP) as “Bill Swenson,” a get-rich-quick money maker…

5. …whose segment came with the best warning:

6. The infomercial was directed by Mike D’s wife, Tamra Davis, and late-night on cable stations in major cities. Despite the spoof nature of the commercial, viewers could actually purchase the album by calling 1-888-711-BSTE:

7. Hello Nasty infomercial part two:

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