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This Awesome Letter From President Kennedy Proves That Your Parents Will Embarrass You Not Matter Who You Are

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a very entertaining letter from JFK to his mother.

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According to the JFK Library:

"In 1962, Rose Kennedy wrote to Soviet Premier Khrushchev asking for an autographed photo. Learning that his mother had reached out to the Soviet Premier, JFK wrote her this letter asking her to please check with him before she took it upon herself to correspond with heads of state as requests like hers are 'subject to interpretations.' The timing is interesting, considering JFK wrote back to Rose almost immediately after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In response to this letter, Rose Kennedy wrote back, saying: 'I understand very well your letter, although I had not thought of it before. …When I ask for Castro’s autograph, I will let you know in advance!'”