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    18 Fabulous Reasons Regina George Is Perfect The Role Model

    'Cause it's good to be queen bee!

    1. She was a natural leader, who not only embraced the role, but also got everyone to recognize it too:

    2. She was so ICONIC that people were desperate to get any kind of attention from her:

    3. She always got everyone to do what she wanted:

    4. Because of her fabulousness, everyone always had something good to say about her:

    5. And even her jealous haters had something nice to say:

    6. She could ask any question or say anything and nobody would think it was stupid:

    7. She knew just how to win people over...

    8. ...and how to rattle their nerves just enough to scare them into respecting her:

    9. She could say more with one facial expression than most people could say with 100 words:

    10. But when she did have to say something, she could slay a room with her wit:

    11. She could make a wardrobe malfunction into a chic look....

    12. ...and a neck brace into something fit for a queen:

    13. She wasn't afraid to be 100% honest with her friends:

    14. She always left an indelible impression on everyone she met:

    15. If she wanted something she'd go for it, no matter what anyone else thought:

    16. She put her all into anything she did:

    17. She could also channel her energy into anything she set her mind on:

    18. And finally, she knew everyone wanted to be her...and that's the most important thing a true role model must embrace.