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19 Alt-Rock Songs You Loved In 2002

From garage rock to pop-alt, these were your anthems 15 years ago.

1. Jimmy Eat World, "The Middle"

UMG / Via

Best thing about this song at the time: It was positive and uplifting, and didn't sound like any other songs on the radio. Also, the lyrics spoke to your angsty teen-self.

2. Coldplay, "Clocks"

WMG / Via

Things this song brings back: That there was a time when people didn't hate Coldplay.

3. Tori Amos, "A Sorta Fairytale"

WMG / Via

What was so great about this song: It was classic, ethereal Tori — basically it sounded something straight off of Little Earthquakes.

4. 311, "Amber"

Volcano Records / Via

Where you heard this song the most: While shopping for clothes at PacSun.

5. No Doubt, "Underneath It All"

UMG / Via

What this song makes you miss: No Doubt. No Doubt. No Doubt.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers, "By The Way"

WMG / Via

Nonsensical lyrics you couldn't even understand: "Dope dick/ Pawn shop/

Quick pick/ Kiss that dyke/ I know you want to hold one/ Not on strike/ But I'm about to bowl one /Bite that mic." 🤔

7. Weezer, "Dope Nose"

UMG / Via

Most Weezer-esque lyrics: "Cheese smells so good/ On a burnt piece of lamb."

8. The White Stripes, "Fell In Love With A Girl"

Third Man Records / Via

Things you remember most about this song: The awesome video and how no one could agree on Jack and Meg White's relationship: Were they brother and sister or husband and wife?

9. The Hives, "Hate to Say I Told You So"

Burning Heart / Via

Fact this song reminds you of: How BIG garage rock was in the early '00s.

10. The Sounds, "Living in America"

Telegram Records / Via

How you probably got into this song: Your music snob friend who put it on a mix CD that they burned for you.

11. Queens Of The Stone Age, "No One Knows"

UMG / Via

The thing you might not remember about this song: How Dave Grohl — who was probably the hardest working musician of the early '00s — played drums on this song.

12. P.O.D., "Youth of the Nation"

WMG / Via

Things you didn't realize about this band at the time: That they were a Christian rock band and what the hell P.O.D. stood for (it was an abbreviation for Payable on Death, FTR).

13. N.E.R.D. "Rock Star"

UMG / Via

What this song proved at the time: That N.E.R.D. was an unstoppable force in the early '00s music scene, not only did they produce EVERY bumping pop/hip-hop hit, they also produced their own music that dabbled in every genre.

14. Incubus, "Warning"

Epic / Via

Where you mostly likely listened to it: While smoking with your friends in your basement.

15. Foo Fighters, "All My Life"

RCA / Via

What this song reminds you of: That Dave Grohl is the best and you can't even argue that, sorry.

16. Puddle of Mudd, "Blurry"

UMG / Via

An honest critique of this song: It is a paint by numbers written track that sounded like almost EVERY other song on the radio at the time.

17. The Vines, "Get Free"

UMG / Via

Where you mostly likely heard this first: Playing on the end credits of the Real World during MTV's Spanking New Music Week.

18. Audioslave, "Cochise"

Epic / Via

What you probably forgot about this song: Everything, and the fact that this supergroup (made up of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and members of Rage Against the Machine) once existed.

19. Nirvana, "You Know You're Right"

Geffen Records / Via

Why this song was a big deal at the time: Well the song was recorded at Nirvana's final studio session in 1994, and was shelved after Kurt's death. Eventually all parties involved, Courtney Love and the surviving members of Nirvana, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, agreed that the song should be released — which consequently led to more infighting and a lawsuit as to how it should be released. Ultimately they all came to an agreement, and eight years after Kurt's death, the last Nirvana song was released.

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