30 Toys From The '90s That You Or Someone You Know Definitely Had When You Were A Kid

    This post will give you back the sweet and pure mems of playing with them.

    1. Sky Dancers, which you knew better than to stand underneath after launching:

    Three Skydancers on a purple table

    2. This plastic sword, which would legit hurt someone if you struck them with it:

    A silver plastic medieval sword with a gold sheath

    3. The Disney Happy Meal toys that came in mini-VHS cases...MINI-VHS CASES!!!

    Mini-VHS Happy Meal cases of Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, and Pocahontas

    4. And the McDonald's Play-Doh play sets, which low-key tempted you to want to eat Play-Doh:

    A red and white McDonald's Chicken McNugget Play-Doh play set

    5. Crossfire, which was 99% hyped up in your mind because of the commercial for it:

    A up shot of the Crossfire board game alone with the box for it in the background

    6. The Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM, which helped you create some seriously janky outfits for Barbie that you thought were the LOOK:

    Photo of the Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM box which features a Barbie doll in a purple dress printing out a design

    7. The Magic Ball and Mitt, which was fun for like five minutes — and also, the balls would eventually get all fuzzy and stop sticking to the mitts:

    A set of neon pink and green Magic Balls.

    8. Puppy Surprise, which was always a major disappointment if you got fewer than four puppies:

    A black and white dog Puppy surprise alongside her three puppies

    9. These windup bathtub toys, which you would also use at the pool in the summer:

    A orange and white jet ski toy in its package

    10. These Magic Diaper Babies PVC figures, which, honestly, were kinda creepy:

    Five baby figures wearing diapers and making silly faces

    11. The Littlest Pet Shop, which was just the cutest toy line:

    A shot of the Littlest Pet Shop veterinary play set

    12. These monster finger puppets that you would get in birthday party gift bags:

    Five finger monsters in green, pink, blue, yellow, and orange

    13. YoYo Ball, which made you feel like a pro yo-yo player:

    14. Don't Wake Daddy, which was the most stressful board game ever:

    The Don't Wake Daddy board game set up with the box for it behind it.

    15. And 13 Dead End Drive, which felt like an ~edgy~ Clue:

    The box for the board game 13 Dead End Drive, which features cartoon drawings of the game characters

    16. Tiger Electronics handheld games, which made you really stress your eyes to see what the hell was going on:

    A close-up of the Pocahontas Tiger Electronics handheld game, which is in pink, purple and blue.

    17. Bumble Ball, which nobody knew exactly how to play:

    A close-up of a pink Bumble Ball with green, yellow, and orange spikes.

    18. K'Nex sets, which were always much harder to put together than how they were portrayed in the commercials:

    The box for the K'Nex Slingshot Racer

    19. The Disney Golden Sound Story book series, which wasn't really a toy but had buttons that were so fun to press:

    A photo of a Lion King Disney Golden Sound Story book, which has a purple touch pad with the characters faces on it.

    20. The Playskool flashlight, which was the best thing to make shadow puppets with:

    Close up shot of a yellow and blue Playskool flashlight

    21. Hot Wheels Power Loop play sets, 'cause it didn't get any better than setting this up and then watching your cars do loops:

    A red Matchbox Power Loop built, with two boxes for it in the background

    22. These clackers that you would get as party favors and immediately drive your parents crazy with:

    A hand holding a neon pink, yellow, and green clacker.

    23. Gak, which even at the time you knew was gross:

    A screen grab of a bunch of Gaks taken from the end of the commercial for it

    24. The random Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures that were dressed up in weird themes:

    A Michelangelo action figure dressed as a surfer and wearing sunglasses

    25. And all the different Batman action figures that came from all the various movies and cartoons:

    Four different Kenner Batman Action figures

    26. The Disney Princess mini-dolls, which were actually pretty magical:

    A Snow White doll from Disney's Musical Princess doll line in a blue box

    27. Playmobil figures, which you really only played with at your rich cousin's or friend's house:

    18 different Playmobil figures all standing up

    28. The Jurassic Park T. rex, which had the “dino-damage wound” that was just fun to touch:

    A T-Rex toy with its "dino-damage wound" showing while next to two different Jurassic Park human action figures.

    29. The Super Soaker 50, which was a summertime staple:

    A shot of a neon yellow and green SuperSoaker 50 in its box

    30. And finally, Nintendo 64, which was always a major source of fights among you and your siblings...particularly about who got to use the Rumble Pak:

    A product shot of a Nintendo 64 box alongside a controller for it and four different games