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    19 Toys That '80s Kids Probably Haven't Thought About Since 1995

    Honestly, these are all classics!

    1. The Fraggle Rock Happy Meal racer toys, which were practically indestructible:

    Three Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys with the figures riding cars made of root vegetables.

    2. Fisher-Price's Little People Play Family House, which was one of the greatest play sets ever:

    A Fisher-Price Little People play house with a yellow roof and blue walls.

    3. Kenner's Family Tree House, which you thought were actually made for Fisher-Price's Little People:

    A tree house play set were top of the tree lifts to reveal a house inside.

    4. Rose Petal Place dolls, which smelled soooo heavenly (like seriously, you just sniffed it 40% of the time when you were playing with it):

    A Rose Petal doll on her stand with her pink comb to the side.

    5. Madballs, which hurt like HELL if somebody threw them at you when you weren't looking:

    Six different Madballs in its original packaging on a wooden table.

    6. Hootbot, which looked all cute until its eyes turned red and freaked you out:

    A Hootbot robot owl on a desk.

    7. My Pet Monster, which was cute for a monster (well, except for its nose, which hurt like hell if you accidentally hit yourself with it):

    A purple My Pet Monster in its original packaging.

    8. Shrinky Dinks, which you always had to remember to let cool down enough before you touched them:

    A Barbie and the Rockers Shrinky Dinks in its original box.

    9. Care Bear PVC figures, which were so much fun 'cause you could actually play with them in the tub or at the park:

    Four different PVC Care Bears figures.

    10. Berenstain Bears Happy Meal toys, which were amazing, but also got dirty quickly because of the fuzz they had on their skin:

    A four Berenstain Bears (Sister, Brother, Papa, and Mama) Happy Meal toys.

    11. Max Backtalk, which was like the cool late-'80s version of Simon (and it let you record your own sounds!!!):

    A Max Backtalk game which is white and features four different colored lights (yellow, green, red, and blue) on extended arms.

    12. McFry Kids Happy Meal Toys, which always seemed to smell like plastic and old French fries (no matter how long you had them):

    A purple and a yellow McFry Kids Happy Meal Toy.

    13. Ghostbusters Fright Features action figures, which all had amazing and different "frightened" reactions:

    14. And Ghostbusters Granny Gross action figure, which truly had one of the coolest transformations of any '80s action figure:

    Granny Gross transformed into a screaming monster with a large mouth.

    15. Casey the Talking Robot, which was more of a glorified tape player than a robot, but it was still fun to read stories along with him:

    A close up of with a Casey the Talking Robot, which is blue with very simple animated face looking to the side.

    16. Gumby and Pokey bendable figures, which just appeared in your toy box one day and you never knew why:

    Gumby and Pokey figures standing against a purple backdrop.

    17. Colorforms, which were fun to play with for about 15 minutes (max) and had a very addictive plasticky smell:

    A He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Colorforms box.

    18. Cut and sew dolls, which you usually got from your nana:

    A Rainbow Brite cut and sew doll pattern.

    19. And finally, the Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys, which were and are still the greatest Happy Meal toy ever:

    Five Muppet Babies (Gonzo, Fozzie, Piggy, Animal, and Kermit) Happy Meal toys displayed against a teal back drop.